2013-10-15  Iavor S. DiatchkiWeaken the improvement for subtraction.
2013-10-12  Herbert Valerio... Update `haskeline` library to latest HEAD
2013-10-12  Krzysztof GogolewskiReject negative type-level integers created via TH...
2013-10-12  Krzysztof GogolewskiTypos
2013-10-12  Austin SeippAdd rts_isDynamic to the linker symbol list
2013-10-12  Darin MorrisonFix building RtsProbes.d on Mac OS X 10.9 (#8139)
2013-10-12  Darin MorrisonFix on OS X 10.9 (#8139)
2013-10-12  Austin SeippAdd machinery to reify annotations (#8397)
2013-10-12  Austin SeippRemove outdated comment (#8434)
2013-10-12  Edward Z. YangDo not copy stack after stack overflow, fixes #8435
2013-10-12  Krzysztof GogolewskiFix freezing on bare ')' with alternative layout rule...
2013-10-12  Reid BartonMake MO_Prefetch_Data a no-op in the C backend (#8437).
2013-10-11  Edward Z. YangIf exceptions are blocked, add stack overflow to blocke...
2013-10-11  Krzysztof GogolewskiReject spurious \end{code} in literate mode (#8430)
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal to current upstream `1.18` branch tip
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Relax build-deps to allow upcoming `array-`
2013-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Future-proof code for upcoming `array-`
2013-10-11  Simon MarlowFix a bug in the canned selector code when profiling.
2013-10-11  Simon MarlowFix up the conditions for zeroing slop (#8402)
2013-10-11  Simon MarlowUse dynamic linking only if the GHC package is compiled...
2013-10-11  Edward Z. YangTypofix.
2013-10-10  Edward Z. YangClarify the TSO_SQUEEZED check.
2013-10-10  Herbert Valerio... Update `bytestring` to final release
2013-10-10  Iavor S. DiatchkiUpdate and clean-up the implmenation of GHC.TypeLits
2013-10-09  Krzysztof GogolewskiShow parentheses when printing type (forall x. T1)...
2013-10-09  Krzysztof GogolewskiTypos
2013-10-09  Austin SeippNuke {save,restore}StaticFlagGlobals.
2013-10-09  Austin SeippUse evaldUnfolding for proxyHashId
2013-10-09  Austin SeippTurn -H and -Rghc-timing into dynamic flags.
2013-10-09  Austin SeippRelease note fix.
2013-10-09  Austin SeippClean up some outdated comments (#8418)
2013-10-09  Joachim BreitnerGHCi: Expand ~ in :script command
2013-10-08  Gabor GreifCatch some popular typos in comments
2013-10-08  Gabor GreifFix grammar
2013-10-08  Simon Marlowdocs for new layout behaviour with MultiWayIf (#7783)
2013-10-08  Simon Peyton... Print (non-representational) roles when display TyCon...
2013-10-08  Simon Peyton... Change backslash to vertical bar in comment
2013-10-07  Edward Z. YangMore clarity on CurrentAlloc docs.
2013-10-05  Krzysztof GogolewskiRemove deprecated _scc_ (#8170)
2013-10-05  Herbert Valerio... Add release note item for new Monoid Const instance
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandRemove tab.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandMerge New Template Haskell branch.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for Template Haskell state.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for Template Haskell module finalizers.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandChange the types of typed brackets and splices.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAllow splices to add additional top-level declarations.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandCode formatting cleanup.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAdd full support for declaration splices.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for pattern splices.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandClean up smart constructors for splices.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandClean up error context when checking brackets/splices.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAdd support for typed brackets and splices.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandTrack TH stage in the renamer.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandCheck the staging restriction in the renamer.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandTrack the typed/untyped distinction in the current...
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandDifferentiate typed and untyped splices and brackets...
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAdd names for TExp type constructor and unType.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandAdd syntactic support for typed expression brackets...
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandConsolidate TH renaming.
2013-10-04  Geoffrey MainlandMove renamer splice functionality into a separate module.
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Simplify the plumbing for checkValidTyCl
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Comments and white space only
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Simplify printing of boot-file mis-matches, by using...
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Simplify PprTyThing
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Improve pretty-printing of IfaceSyn type families
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Fix the bytecode genreation for tagToEnum# (Trac #8383)
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Wibble in user docs
2013-10-04  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2013-10-04  Herbert Valerio... Update `bytestring` library to latest upstream HEAD
2013-10-03  Edward Z. Yangs/pathalogical/pathological/
2013-10-03  Edward Z. Yangs/Heep/Heap/
2013-10-03  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #8368.
2013-10-03  Simon Peyton... Close over kinds when checking fundep coverage (Trac...
2013-10-03  Simon Peyton... Tiny comment on the change from StgWord8 to StgWord
2013-10-03  Simon Peyton... Improve -XAllowAmbiguousTypes (Trac #8392)
2013-10-03  Simon Peyton... Tidy up the commit for Trac #3725
2013-10-03  Simon Peyton... Look through tick-boxes when looking for integral liter...
2013-10-02  Patrick PalkaInitialize gc_thread.mut_spin to the 'acquired' state
2013-10-02  Krzysztof GogolewskiUpdate manual regarding unboxed tuples
2013-10-02  Krzysztof GogolewskiRemove glasgow-exts from :help
2013-10-02  Austin SeippRelease note updates.
2013-10-02  Austin SeippAdd support for prefetch with locality levels.
2013-10-02  Austin SeippAdd TH support for annotations (#8340)
2013-10-02  Muhaimin Invoke 'perl' manually (#8283)
2013-10-02  Austin SeippPersist annotations to interface files (#3725)
2013-10-02  Austin SeippDelete old comments referring to newSession
2013-10-01  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2013-10-01  Simon Peyton... Improve error message for fundeps a bit more
2013-10-01  Simon Peyton... White space and line endings
2013-10-01  Simon Peyton... Wibble (change of flag name)
2013-10-01  Simon Peyton... Documentation for -fprint-explicit-foralls and -fprint...
2013-10-01  Simon Peyton... Remove trailing whitespace and tabs
2013-10-01  unknownImprove pretty-printing of types
2013-10-01  unknownImprove error reporting of fundep coverage condition...
2013-10-01  unknownLook inside tuple predicates when checking instance...
2013-10-01  unknownComments only
2013-10-01  unknownMove defaultClassMinimalDef from BuildTyCl to TcClassDcl
2013-10-01  unknownComments only
2013-10-01  unknownBetter docs for MINIMAL
2013-10-01  Simon Peyton... Lift an unnecessary assumption in the demand analyser...