2017-11-05  Andrey MokhovUpdate documentation
2017-11-05  Andrey MokhovAdd a note on doc/
2017-11-05  Andrey MokhovThreaded is no longer conditional in the quickest flavour
2017-11-04  Andrey MokhovFinalise documentation build rule (#447)
2017-11-04  Andrey MokhovRemove the git clone step, preparing for the merge
2017-11-03  Andrey MokhovMake sure build scripts can be run from outside Hadrian...
2017-11-01  Andrey MokhovAdd a note on building documentation
2017-10-30  Andrey MokhovUpdate
2017-10-30  Andrey MokhovUpdate
2017-10-30  Andrey MokhovMove Sphinx builder into the library
2017-10-29  Andrey MokhovMove Tar builder into the library
2017-10-29  Andrey MokhovMinor clean up, taking hlint suggestions
2017-10-29  Andrey MokhovReplace shortcuts to issues by GitHub links
2017-10-27  Zhen ZhangImplement install_docs (#442)
2017-10-24  Andrey MokhovFix CI (#441)
2017-10-23  Andrey MokhovDrop quotes
2017-10-23  Andrey MokhovFix CI by calling default script via bash
2017-10-23  Andrey MokhovFix the call to another script
2017-10-23  Andrey MokhovSwitch AppVeyor to use the default build.bat script
2017-10-23  Andrey MokhovMake build.bat call the default build script on Windows...
2017-10-23  Andrey MokhovMake call the default build script (build...
2017-10-17  Andrey MokhovRename Rules.Data to Rules.PackageData
2017-10-17  Andrey MokhovDon't use `new-build` for pre-2.1 Cabal
2017-10-14  Andrey MokhovRestore the original build script relying on the global...
2017-10-12  Andrey MokhovFix the list of Hadrian arguments
2017-10-12  Ben Use cabal new-run (#435)
2017-10-11  Doug WilsonRearrange unix build scripts. (#430)
2017-10-10  Andrey MokhovMake Brief the default setting of the --progress-info...
2017-10-10  Ben GamariFix usage of -with-rtsopts (#429)
2017-10-10  Andrey MokhovRegister the access to the package database when compil...
2017-10-10  Andrey MokhovDon't print boot's diagnostic info by default
2017-10-10  Andrey MokhovDocument the --freeze1 flag
2017-10-09  Andrey MokhovMinor revision, drop old TODO
2017-10-09  Andrey MokhovImplement Stage1 GHC freezing
2017-10-07  Andrey MokhovDrop the redundant build rule for literate Perl scripts
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovDrop redundant code
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovMinor revision
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovUpdate docs
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovInstall python3 on Travis OS X
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovInstall python3 on CircleCI
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovInstall python on CI
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovFix libffil build
2017-10-04  Andrey MokhovSwitch to the python based boot script
2017-09-30  Zhen ZhangBuild man page (#424)
2017-09-28  Andrey MokhovFix missing dependency on package configuration
2017-09-28  Andrey MokhovSwitch to isWindows
2017-09-27  Andrey MokhovDrop checkApiAnnotations utility
2017-09-26  Andrey MokhovMove ffiIncludeDir to C arguments
2017-09-26  Andrey MokhovClean up RTS arguments
2017-09-26  Andrey MokhovDrop outdated RTS arguments, fix Windows build
2017-09-25  Andrey MokhovAdd RTS args related to libffi
2017-09-23  Andrey MokhovDrop redundant import
2017-09-23  Zhen ZhangComplete RTS compiler args (#418)
2017-09-22  Zhen ZhangUpdate shake and add stm to stage1 packages (#419)
2017-09-20  Zhen ZhangFix Config.hs to import GhcPrelude (#417)
2017-09-16  Andrey MokhovAvoid running commands with the Shell option, which...
2017-09-16  Patrick DoughertyImplement documentation building (#413)
2017-09-15  Andrey MokhovUpdate docs to list -H64m
2017-09-14  Andrey MokhovOptimise stage1 compiler
2017-09-14  Andrey MokhovNeed rts at the top-level to allow more parallelism
2017-09-14  Andrey MokhovAdd missing dependency of hsc2hs on template-hsc.h
2017-09-14  Andrey MokhovFix performance bug: Stage0 packages do not depend...
2017-09-11  Zhen ZhangRefine cross-compilation implementation (#410)
2017-09-10  Andrey MokhovDrop cabal_macros_boot.h
2017-09-10  Andrey MokhovDrop support for -this-package-key
2017-09-09  Andrey MokhovAdd support for llvm-targets
2017-09-08  Andrey MokhovMark as temporarily out-of-date
2017-09-03  Andrey MokhovAdd ArMode to distinguish packing and unpacking of...
2017-09-02  Andrey MokhovFactor out common Ar functionality into the library
2017-09-01  Andrey MokhovMinor revision: move builder-related functionality...
2017-08-31  Andrey MokhovFactor out common builder-related functionality into...
2017-08-30  Andrey MokhovDrop dll-split related arguments to ghc-cabal
2017-08-30  Andrey MokhovDrop dll-split
2017-08-30  Andrey MokhovMinor revision
2017-08-29  Andrey MokhovFix wrapper build rules
2017-08-29  Andrey MokhovRefactor program build rules
2017-08-28  Andrey MokhovFix wrapper build
2017-08-28  Andrey MokhovMinor revision of install stages
2017-08-28  Andrey MokhovMinor refactoring: re-export Context and GHC from Expre...
2017-08-28  Zhen ZhangAdd cross compilation (#401)
2017-08-28  Andrey MokhovRefactor GHC/user packages, move builder-specific funct...
2017-08-27  Andrey MokhovSimplify package lists
2017-08-26  Andrey MokhovDo not run CI in verbose mode
2017-08-26  Andrey MokhovDifferentiate between C and Haskell package
2017-08-26  Andrey MokhovDrop mkUserGuidePart
2017-08-26  Ryan ScottRemove unnecessary use of -DGENERICS flag (#402)
2017-08-23  Zhen ZhangDrop defaultDestDir and use Shake's verbosity to contro...
2017-08-23  Zhen ZhangInstall rule: copy gmp header (#398)
2017-08-20  Andrey MokhovCompute package synopsis directly from Cabal files
2017-08-20  Andrey MokhovSwitch to computing package version only through the...
2017-08-20  Andrey MokhovMinor revision
2017-08-20  Zhen ZhangAdd DESTDIR to command line arguments (#397)
2017-08-20  Zhen Zhangdelete cfg/ (#390)
2017-08-20  Andrey MokhovFix performance bug: do not call ghc-cabal to determine...
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovAdd ghcid.txt
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovFix MonadFail warning
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovMinor revision
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovMerge branch 'master' of
2017-08-19  Andrey MokhovImprove infrastructure for Cabal file parsing
2017-08-19  Zhen ZhangFix install rules by untracking copy files and use...