2014-06-08  Simon MarlowFix obscure problem with using the system linker (...
2014-06-07  Joachim BreitnerPretty-print built in synonym families in interfaces
2014-06-07  Joachim BreitnerTest case for #9181 (:browse GHC.TypeLits panic)
2014-06-07  Joachim Breitners/-hi-diffs/-ddump-hi-diffs/ in docs (#9179)
2014-06-06  Guido Zayassupress warning of bang wildcard pattern-binding (i...
2014-06-06  Simon MarlowFix discarding of unreachable code in the register...
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerTest case: GHCi uses UnicodeSyntax if the loaded file...
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerOnly use UnicodeSytanx pretty printing if the locale...
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerUse UnicodeSyntax when printing
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerUpdate mod73 test output
2014-06-06  Sjoerd VisscherAdded testcase for #9069
2014-06-06  Sjoerd VisscherMake DeriveTraversable imply DeriveFunctor/Foldable
2014-06-06  Sjoerd VisscherMerge branch 'master' of git://
2014-06-06  Sjoerd VisscherAdded more option implication documentation.
2014-06-06  Simon Peyton... Make the matcher and wrapper Ids in PatSyn into LocalId...
2014-06-06  Sjoerd VisscherPrevent line wrapping after the dash of an option.
2014-06-06  Sjoerd VisscherSorted the language options list alphabetically, and...
2014-06-06  Sjoerd VisscherAdded link ends to role documentation.
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerUpdate test results (last minuite changes)
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerAdd testcase for #9177 and adjust test output
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerReport all possible results from related name spaces
2014-06-06  Joachim BreitnerSuggest Int when user writes int
2014-06-05  Mateusz KowalczykTypo
2014-06-05  Yuras ShumovichFix compilation of cmm files with -outputdir (Trac...
2014-06-05  Gabor GreifTweak comments
2014-06-05  Gabor GreifTypo
2014-06-05  Austin SeippFix .arcconfig
2014-06-05  Yuras ShumovichEmit error in case of duplicate GRE; fixes #7241
2014-06-05  Niklas LarssonAdd ".text.unlikely" to recognized code sections on...
2014-06-05  Austin SeippAdd .arcconfig file. Do not use yet.
2014-06-05  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9023
2014-06-05  Simon Peyton... Fix egregious instantiation bug in matchOneConLike...
2014-06-04  Owen StephensSubsume NullaryTypeClasses by MultiParamTypeClasses...
2014-06-04  Herbert Valerio... Export `TimerManager` from GHC.Event (re #9165)
2014-06-04  Herbert Valerio... Set/update upstream repo url for haddock
2014-06-03  Simon Peyton... Comments only (related to Trac #7730)
2014-06-03  Simon Peyton... Add :kind test in T7730
2014-06-03  Simon Peyton... Use IfLclName instead of OccName in IfaceEqSpec
2014-06-03  Simon Peyton... Do pretty-printing of TyThings via IfaceDecl (Trac...
2014-06-03  Simon Peyton... Fix inverted gadt-syntax flag for data families
2014-06-03  Simon Peyton... Use mkTcEqPred rather than mkEqPred
2014-06-03  Simon Peyton... Rename TypeRep.Prec to TypeRep.TyPrec
2014-06-03  Ryan Mulliganfix missing space
2014-05-30  Simon Peyton... Improve Note [Order of Coercible Instances] about Trac...
2014-05-30  Simon MarlowFix missing unlockClosure() call in tryReadMVar (#9148)
2014-05-30  Simon MarlowJust formatting
2014-05-30  Simon MarlowRemove deprecated -optdep options
2014-05-30  Simon MarlowmkHiPath & mkObjPath didn't need to be in IO
2014-05-30  Joachim BreitnerDisable FixEither tests in TcCoercible
2014-05-30  Edward Z. YangPer-capability nursery weak pointer lists, fixes #9075
2014-05-30  Edward Z. YangRemove obsolete -fno-warn-amp from spec001
2014-05-30  Edward Z. YangRefresh recomp006 error message.
2014-05-30  Edward Z. Yangs/implict/implicit/i
2014-05-30  Edward Z. YangAdd missing stderr file for tcrun045.
2014-05-30  Edward Z. YangFix bitrotted GHC API test T6145.
2014-05-30  Edward Z. YangAdd .gitignore for autogenerated test files.
2014-05-30  Edward Z. YangUpdate T4891, T8639_api to follow 73c08ab10 (GHCi namin...
2014-05-29  Mateusz KowalczykUpdate Haddock submodule.
2014-05-28  Jan StolarekFix comment typo
2014-05-28  Simon Peyton... No need to call defaultKind in mkTcEqPred
2014-05-28  Simon Peyton... Use mkTcEqPred rather than mkEqPred in the type checker
2014-05-28  Simon Peyton... T4006, environment001, T3307 all work on msys2
2014-05-27  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #9144
2014-05-27  Dr. ERDI GergoAssert that matcher-derived PatSyn types match the...
2014-05-27  Dr. ERDI GergoStore IfExtNames for PatSyn matchers and wrappers in...
2014-05-27  Herbert Valerio... Replace DeriveDataTypeable by AutoDeriveTypeable
2014-05-26  Simon Peyton... Add missing test file T7269
2014-05-26  Simon Peyton... Fix yet another bug in 'deriving' for polykinded classe...
2014-05-23  Joachim Be liberal in accepting GHC_PKG output
2014-05-23  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2014-05-23  Simon Peyton... Bump bytes-allocated for T3064
2014-05-23  Simon Peyton... White space only
2014-05-23  Simon Peyton... More debug info for failures in typeKind and kindFunResult
2014-05-23  Simon Peyton... Better pretty-printing for ClsInst
2014-05-23  Simon Peyton... Make the unifier a fixpoint even for the free kind...
2014-05-23  Simon Peyton... Simple eta reduction in call to adjustMatchResults...
2014-05-20  Gabor GreifTweaks to note; also fixed unicode quotes
2014-05-20  Joachim BreitnerCoercible: Test case for now broken(?) corner case
2014-05-20  Joachim BreitnerCoercible: Unwrap newtypes before coercing under tycons
2014-05-20  Herbert Valerio... Harden imports in `DeriveConstants.hs` module
2014-05-19  Gabor GreifFix below warning by including "unistd.h" also
2014-05-19  Gabor GreifCatch some typos
2014-05-19  Gabor GreifProvide deprecated backward compatible implementation...
2014-05-19  Gabor GreifRe-add 'classP' with a compatible implementation and...
2014-05-19  Simon Peyton... Remove the bit about External Core from flags.xml
2014-05-19  Simon Peyton... Tighten up wording in the section on let-generalisation...
2014-05-19  Christian MaederExtract derived constants from nm output for various...
2014-05-19  Christian Maederinteger-gmp: do not confuse ./configure (#8783)
2014-05-19  Edward Z. Yangrts: remove stable-names from hashtable upon free
2014-05-19  Chris Hellerbase: Document Foreign.ForeignPtr (#8475)
2014-05-19  Austin Seippghc: Update containers submodule
2014-05-16  Simon MarlowOnly uninstall signal handlers if they were actually...
2014-05-15  Simon Peyton... Refactoring around TyCon.isSynTyCon
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Express OPTIONS_GHC as LANGUAGE pragmas
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Add LANGUAGE pragmas to compiler/ source files
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Avoid trivial cases of NondecreasingIndentation
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Convert `ghc-bin.cabal` to use others-extensions
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Drop default-extensions:CPP in hpc-bin.cabal
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Drop use of CPP in `bin-package-db`
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Avoid NondecreasingIndentation syntax in ghc-pkg