2019-03-07  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #16263
2019-03-07  Simon Peyton... Add tests for Trac #16221 and #16342
2019-03-07  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Don't allow i386-deb9 to fail
2019-03-07  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Use fragile modifier for more tests
2019-03-07  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark heapprof001 as fragile on i386
2019-03-07  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Introduce fragile modifier
2019-03-06  Zejun WuMove reifyGHCi function into GhciMonad type class
2019-03-06  Ryan ScottFix #16385 by appending _maybe to a use of lookupGlobalOcc
2019-03-06  Ben GamariFix it
2019-03-06  Ömer Sinan... rts: Unglobalize dead_weak_ptr_list and resurrected_threads
2019-03-06  P.C. ShyamshankarHandle absolute paths to build roots in Hadrian.
2019-03-06  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #15918
2019-03-06  Ömer Sinan... rts/Printer: Print forwarding pointers
2019-03-06  Ömer Sinan... rts/Printer: Introduce a few more printing utilities
2019-03-06  Ben GamariRip out object splitting
2019-03-05  Krzysztof GogolewskiFix map/coerce rule for newtypes with wrappers
2019-03-05  David EichmannTest Runner: don't show missing baseline warning for...
2019-03-05  Simon Peyton... Be more careful when naming TyCon binders
2019-03-04  Ben GamariRevert "compiler: Write .o files atomically. See #14533"
2019-03-04  Ben GamariRevert "compiler: Refactor: extract `withAtomicRename`"
2019-03-04  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: track mingw, ship it in bindists, more robust...
2019-03-04  Alec TheriaultDon't leave .hi files after running Haddock tests
2019-03-04  Alp Mestanogullaridetect 'autoreconf' path during configure, and use...
2019-03-02  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: A bit of reorganization
2019-03-01  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Give deb9-unreg job a distinct cache key
2019-03-01  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Suppress ticks when comparing -ddump-simpl...
2019-03-01  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Produce DWARF-enabled binary distribution
2019-03-01  Ben GamariDrop Docker images
2019-03-01  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Pull docker images from ghc/ci-images registry
2019-03-01  David EichmannFix parsing of expected performance changes for tests...
2019-03-01  Alp Mestanogullariuse --docs=no-sphinx in both Hadrian CI jobs
2019-03-01  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: introduce ways to skip some documentation...
2019-03-01  Alec TheriaultLexer: turn some fatal errors into non-fatal ones
2019-03-01  Ryan ScottVisible dependent quantification
2019-02-28  Moritz AngermannCleanup iserv/iserv-proxy
2019-02-27  Vladislav ZavialovFix intermittent hie002 failure
2019-02-27  Peter TrommlerRTS: Add missing memory barrier
2019-02-27  Vladislav ZavialovTreat kind/type variables identically, demolish FKTV
2019-02-26  Vladislav ZavialovSkip T3424 when fast()
2019-02-25  Vladislav ZavialovFix the ghci063 test on Darwin (Trac #16201)
2019-02-24  Vladislav ZavialovDisable fragile test cases: T14697 T5559 T3424
2019-02-24  Alexandrebase: Allow fusion for zip7 and related
2019-02-24  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix whitespace in hp2ps error message
2019-02-24  Vladislav ZavialovUser's Guide: forall is a keyword nowadays
2019-02-24  Vladislav ZavialovUser's Guide: update info on kind inference
2019-02-24  Sebastian GrafInclude closure header size in StgLamLift's estimations
2019-02-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Only build x86_64-deb8 and fedora27 for...
2019-02-24  Matthew PickeringExit with exit code 1 when tests unexpectedly pass
2019-02-24  Herbert Valerio... Fix regression incorrectly advertising TH support
2019-02-24  Vladislav ZavialovExpression/command ambiguity resolution
2019-02-24  Simon Peyton... Add AnonArgFlag to FunTy
2019-02-24  Simon Peyton... Remove bogus assertion
2019-02-24  Tom Sydney... hWaitForInput-accurate-socket test
2019-02-23  Ben Gamarighc-in-ghci: Fix capitalization of hieFile
2019-02-23  Artem PyanykhDrop support for i386 and PowerPC in MachO linker
2019-02-23  Oleg GrenrusUpdate CI images to GHC-8.4.4 & cabal-install-
2019-02-23  David EichmannBuild and copy libffi shared libraries correctly and...
2019-02-22  Matthew PickeringUse validate flavour rather than devel2 for DEBUG CI job
2019-02-22  Simon Peyton... Fix exprIsConApp_maybe
2019-02-22  Simon Peyton... Don't do binder-swap for GlobalIds
2019-02-22  Simon Peyton... Remove tcTyConUserTyVars
2019-02-22  klebinger.andreas... Bump nofib submodule.
2019-02-22  Niklas Hambüchencompiler: Refactor: extract `withAtomicRename`
2019-02-22  Niklas Hambüchencompiler: Write .o files atomically. See #14533
2019-02-22  Tamar ChristinaSet builder env
2019-02-22  Tamar ChristinaTestsuite: opt-in to symlinks on Windows
2019-02-21  Vladislav ZavialovHandle the (~) type operator in 'tyconsym'
2019-02-21  Vladislav ZavialovDot/bang operators in export lists (Trac #16339)
2019-02-21  David EichmannFix test runner crash when not in a git repo
2019-02-21  Vaibhav SagarText.ParserCombinators.ReadP: use NonEmpty in Final
2019-02-20  Simon Peyton... Comments only, in GhcPrelude
2019-02-20  Simon Peyton... Improve the very simple optimiser slightly
2019-02-20  Simon Peyton... Tiny refactor in isUnliftedRuntimeRep
2019-02-20  Simon Peyton... Add comments about how zip fusion
2019-02-20  Dmitry IvanovTest bit-manipulating primops under respective arch...
2019-02-20  Ryan ScottBump ghc version to 8.9
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringCI: Run `cabal update` before trying to build Hadrian
2019-02-20  Andrey MokhovHadrian: Fix untracked dependencies
2019-02-20  Ömer Sinan... Fix two bugs in stg_ap_0_fast in profiling runtime
2019-02-19  Ömer Sinan... Remove arc scripts
2019-02-19  Niklas Hambüchenbase: Document errno behaviour in haddocks.
2019-02-19  Krzysztof GogolewskiLook through newtype wrappers (Trac #16254)
2019-02-19  Arnaud SpiwackMake constructor wrappers inline only during the final...
2019-02-19  Krzysztof GogolewskiDisable binder swap in OccurAnal (Trac #16288)
2019-02-19  Alexandre BaldéFix Haddock comment for Integer datatype
2019-02-18  Alec TheriaultUphold AvailTC Invariant for associated data fams
2019-02-18  Vladislav ZavialovFix warnings and fatal parsing errors
2019-02-18  Simon Peyton... Get rid of tcm_smart from TyCoMapper
2019-02-18  Tamar ChristinaTestsuite: implement use_specs.
2019-02-17  Alec TheriaultRun some of Haddock's tests in the testsuite
2019-02-17  Peter TrommlerCmm: Promote stack arguments to word size
2019-02-16  Matthew PickeringHIE: Save module name and module exports
2019-02-16  Alec TheriaultRemove `parallel` as a submodule
2019-02-16  Ömer Sinan... Minor documentation fix in GHC.ForeignPtr
2019-02-16  Matthew PickeringRemove Simon's special number from typecheck/should_fai...
2019-02-16  Matthew PickeringFix tests which were made to pass by "Make a smart...
2019-02-16  David EichmannFix and Reapply "Performance tests: recover a baseline...
2019-02-15  klebinger.andreas... Don't wrap the entry map for LiveInfo in Maybe.
2019-02-15  Alec TheriaultProperly escape character literals in Haddocks
2019-02-15  Vladislav Zavialov'forall' always a keyword, plus the dot type operator