2018-04-23  Simon Peyton... coercion: Improve debugging output
2018-04-23  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Fix up formatting in 8.6 release notes
2018-04-22  Ömer Sinan... Typo fix in scavenge_one comment [skip ci]
2018-04-21  Ömer Sinan... Remove a outdated comment [skip ci]
2018-04-21  Ömer Sinan... rts: Use g0 for &generations[0]
2018-04-21  Ömer Sinan... s/traverse_weak_ptr_list/traverseWeakPtrList in comment...
2018-04-20  Tobias DammersRemove unnecessary check in simplCast
2018-04-20  Ben Gamaribase: Add a test for T10412
2018-04-20  Matthew PickeringFix implementation of rnIfaceBndr
2018-04-20  Matthew PickeringRemove broken top-level shell.nix
2018-04-20  Simon Peyton... comments only
2018-04-20  Simon Peyton... Inline wrappers earlier
2018-04-20  Tobias DammersCaching coercion roles in NthCo and coercionKindsRole...
2018-04-20  Ryan ScottBump transformers submodule
2018-04-20  ARJANEN Loïc... Fixes isAlphaNum re. isAlpha/isNumber and doc fix ...
2018-04-20  Ryan ScottLint types in newFamInst
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariboot: Fix computation of TOP
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariconfigure: Use -Werror to check for existence of -no-pie
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariparsec: Make version hack compatible with Windows
2018-04-19  Alp Mestanogullaritestsuite: Fix `./validate --slow`
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottBump base to version
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottFix #15012 with a well-placed use of Any
2018-04-19  HE, TaoBetter error message for empty character literal, for...
2018-04-19  Ömer Sinan... Add a test for #14815:
2018-04-19  Sergei Trofimovichrts: fix format arguments for debugBelch calls on 32...
2018-04-19  Ben Gamariusers-guide: Override mathjax_path
2018-04-19  Ben GamariAdd a test case from the nested CPR work
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottBump unix submodule to version
2018-04-19  Ryan ScottFix #14710 with more validity checks during renaming
2018-04-17  Alp MestanogullariIntroduce a $tooldir variable for nicer toolchain detec...
2018-04-17  Kirill ZaborskyProper safe coercions paper link
2018-04-17  theindigamerFix markup in the UNPACK pragma section of the user...
2018-04-17  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2018-04-17  Simon Peyton... Minor comments in CSE
2018-04-16  Ömer Sinan... Remove markSignalHandlers
2018-04-16  Ben Gamarirts: Comment wibbles
2018-04-16  Ben GamariRevert "Enhanced constant folding"
2018-04-13  Ben Gamariusers guide: Note improved constant folding in 8.6...
2018-04-13  Sylvain HenryEnhanced constant folding
2018-04-13  Ben GamariConfigure option to disable dtrace
2018-04-13  Andreas KlebingerOmit ways depending on rts flags for #12870 related...
2018-04-13  Andreas KlebingerMake shortcutting at the asm stage toggleable and defau...
2018-04-13  Ben GamariDeclare `catchRetry#` lazy in its first argument
2018-04-13  Ryan ScottCorrect FixIOException's @since annotation retroactively
2018-04-13  Ben GamariRevert "Fix processHeapClosureForDead CONSTR_NOCAF...
2018-04-13  U-Maokai\andiUse newtype deriving for Hoopl code
2018-04-13  Ryan ScottFix #9438 by converting a panic to an error message
2018-04-13  Matthew PickeringRemove unused function: mkFunCos
2018-04-13  Andrey MokhovFix
2018-04-13  Andreas KlebingerUpdate JMP_TBL targets during shortcutting in X86 NCG.
2018-04-13  Ömer Sinan... Fix processHeapClosureForDead CONSTR_NOCAF case:
2018-04-13  Michal TerepetaRevert "CmmPipeline: add a second pass of CmmCommonBloc...
2018-04-13  Takenobu Taniusers-guide: Update release notes and language extensions
2018-04-13  Ryan ScottBump version numbers: base-, integer-gmp-1...
2018-04-13  Alan ZimmermanTTG for HsBinds and Data instances Plan B
2018-04-12  Tamar ChristinaRemove fs files from rts install-includes.
2018-04-12  Tamar ChristinaRevert "Remove fs files from rts install-includes."
2018-04-12  Tamar ChristinaRemove fs files from rts install-includes.
2018-04-11  Joachim BreitnerNo need for sortQuantVars in Exitify after all
2018-04-11  Ömer Sinan... Schedule.c: remove some unused parameters
2018-04-11  Ömer Sinan... Schedule.c: remove unused code
2018-04-11  Ömer Sinan... Move T14925.stdout to its correct location, remove...
2018-04-10  Joachim BreitnerIn Exitify, zap idInfo of abstracted variables (fixes...
2018-04-10  Richard EisenbergDiscard reflexive casts during Simplify
2018-04-10  Ben GamariRevert "Fix #14838 by marking TH-spliced code as FromSo...
2018-04-10  Edward Z. YangMove gmp/ to, fix #14972
2018-04-10  Edward Z. YangMinor typofix in LoadArchive.c
2018-04-10  Ben Gamarirts/RetainerProfile: Handle BLOCKING_QUEUES
2018-04-10  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Add test for negative sqrts (#10010)
2018-04-10  Ömer Sinan... Remove PARALLEL_HASKELL comments
2018-04-10  Joachim BreitnerAdd test case for #15005
2018-04-10  mrkkrpFix GHC collector flavor for Fedora job (Circle CI)
2018-04-10  Ömer Sinan... Add a forgotten newline in a debug print
2018-04-10  Joachim BreitnerCSE: Walk past join point lambdas (#15002)
2018-04-09  Alan ZimmermanRestore Trees That Grow reverted commits
2018-04-09  Ryan ScottBump template-haskell to
2018-04-09  Joachim BreitnerSome cleanup of the Exitification code
2018-04-07  Gabriel Lebecdocs(Data.Function): fix and augment `on` annotation
2018-04-07  Simon JakobiCoreUtils.filterAlts: Correct docs
2018-04-07  mrkkrpRun tests after artifact collection
2018-04-07  Simon JakobiImprove documentation for refineDefaultAlt
2018-04-07  Simon JakobiDocument SumTyCon
2018-04-07  mrkkrpCollect build artifacts with S3
2018-04-07  Alan ZimmermanRemove HasSourceText and SourceTextX classes
2018-04-07  Ryan ScottFix #14238 by always pretty-printing visible tyvars
2018-04-06  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Accept output for T12593
2018-04-06  Ben Gamaribase: Add dependency on GHC.Integer in a few boot files
2018-04-06  Simon Peyton... Comments only, about exitifcation
2018-04-05  Ömer Sinan... Remove unused bdescr flag BF_FREE
2018-04-03  Simon Peyton... Fix accidental breakage in T7050
2018-04-02  Richard EisenbergFix #14991.
2018-04-02  Richard EisenbergMark test as expected to pass.
2018-04-02  Simon Peyton... SpecConstr: accommodate casts in value arguments
2018-04-02  Simon Peyton... Allow unpacking of single-data-con GADTs
2018-04-02  Richard EisenbergTest #14884, #14969
2018-04-01  Richard EisenbergClarify comments around dropping Derived constraints
2018-04-01  Richard EisenbergApply Note [EtaAppCo] in OptCoercion to another case
2018-04-01  Richard EisenbergApply the interim fix for #14119 to liftCoMatch
2018-04-01  Richard EisenbergTrack type variable scope more carefully.
2018-03-31  Tamar Christinatestsuite: allow accepting of fine grained results...