2018-05-29  Gabor GreifTypofixes [ci skip]
2018-05-29  Ömer Sinan... Factor stack chunk printing out of printTSO
2018-05-28  Tamar ChristinaClean up Windows testsuite failures
2018-05-28  Tamar ChristinaFix 32 bit windows build
2018-05-28  Ömer Sinan... Update GHC.Stats docs
2018-05-27  chessaibase: Introduce Data.Monoid.Ap
2018-05-26  Ryan ScottMark #12447's test case as expected to pass
2018-05-26  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #14246
2018-05-26  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #14172
2018-05-26  Ryan ScottAdd regression test for #11766
2018-05-26  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Don't rely on find command in T15038
2018-05-25  Simon Peyton... Comments about the substition invariant
2018-05-25  Simon MarlowisDllName: use Opt_ExternalDynamicRefs, not WayDyn
2018-05-25  Simon MarlowAdd -fghci-leak-check to check for space leaks
2018-05-24  Ryan ScottMinor typos
2018-05-24  Ryan ScottClean up the conflicting data family instances error...
2018-05-24  Ryan ScottCheck for mismatched class methods during typechecking
2018-05-24  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump OS X performance numbers
2018-05-23  Ben GamariDisable the SRT offset optimisation on MachO platforms
2018-05-23  Simon MarlowFix a bug in SRT generation
2018-05-23  Simon Peyton... Use dischargeFunEq consistently
2018-05-23  Simon Peyton... Don't expose strictness when sm_inline is False
2018-05-23  Simon Peyton... Add missing check to isReflCoVar_maybe
2018-05-23  Simon Peyton... Remove special case from TcTyVar level check
2018-05-23  Gabor GreifTypo in comments
2018-05-22  Joachim BreitnerImprove performance of CallArity
2018-05-22  Ben GamariRevert "ghc-pkg: recompute `abi-depends` for updated...
2018-05-21  Simon Peyton... Check for type families in an instance context
2018-05-21  Simon Peyton... Make dischargeFmv handle Deriveds
2018-05-21  Simon Peyton... Remove TcType.toTcType
2018-05-21  Simon Peyton... Fix perf numbers for #15164
2018-05-21  Simon Peyton... Do better sharing in the short-cut solver
2018-05-21  Austin Seippghc-pkg: recompute `abi-depends` for updated packages
2018-05-21  Ben Gamarighc-prim: Bump version
2018-05-20  Patrick DoughertyAdd HeapView functionality
2018-05-20  Ben Gamarirts: Fix compaction of SmallMutArrPtrs
2018-05-20  Alp MestanogullariAnother batch of './validation --slow' tweaks
2018-05-20  Ben Gamaribase: Fix typo
2018-05-19  Jack Henahanbase: Add Foldable and Traversable instances for Alt
2018-05-19  Simon MarlowFix retainer profiling after SRT overhaul
2018-05-18  Simon Peyton... Do not unify representational equalities
2018-05-18  Simon Peyton... Debug tracing only
2018-05-18  Simon Peyton... Orient TyVar/TyVar equalities with deepest on the left
2018-05-18  Simon Peyton... Tiny refactor
2018-05-18  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2018-05-18  Ryan ScottAdd regression tests for #11515 and #12563
2018-05-17  Bartosz NitkaFix unwinding of C -> Haskell FFI calls with -threaded...
2018-05-17  Simon MarlowFix GHCi space leaks (#15111)
2018-05-17  Simon MarlowAdd /* fallthrough */ to fix -Wimplicit-fallthrough...
2018-05-17  Simon MarlowUpdate Cabal submodule
2018-05-17  Simon MarlowComments and refactoring only
2018-05-16  Ryan ScottFix #15073 by suggesting UnboxedTuples in an error...
2018-05-16  HE, TaoImprove numeric stability of numericEnumFrom for floati...
2018-05-16  Ryan ScottFix #15039 by pretty-printing equalities more systemati...
2018-05-16  klebinger.andreas... Add pprTraceM to Outputable as analog to traceM.
2018-05-16  Ben GamariInfoTables: Fix #if uses introduced by D4634
2018-05-16  Tamar ChristinaMake finalizers more reliable.
2018-05-16  Simon MarlowMerge FUN_STATIC closure with its SRT
2018-05-16  Simon MarlowSave a word in the info table on x86_64
2018-05-16  Simon MarlowAllow CmmLabelDiffOff with different widths
2018-05-16  Simon MarlowAn overhaul of the SRT representation
2018-05-16  Simon MarlowForce findPtr to be included in the binary
2018-05-15  Artem PelenitsynLess Tc inside simplCore (Phase 1 for #14391)
2018-05-15  Sebastian GrafAlgebraically simplify add/sub with carry/overflow
2018-05-15  ARJANEN Loïc... Calling GetLastError() on Windows for socket IO (trac...
2018-05-15  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Disable T14697 on Windows
2018-05-15  Kirill ZaborskyMore explicit comment on switch in registerDelay
2018-05-15  Ben GamariEnsure that RTS cabal file reflects dependency on libnuma
2018-05-15  Ben GamariRevert "Simplify callSiteInline a little"
2018-05-15  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix expected allocations of T9020 and T12425
2018-05-15  Simon Peyton... Tidy up error suppression
2018-05-14  Sergei Trofimovichrts: export new absentSumFieldError from base
2018-05-14  Tobias DammersFix performance regressions from #14737
2018-05-14  Ben GamariRevert "rts: Compile with gcc -Og"
2018-05-14  Denis MFix #14973
2018-05-14  Sergei Trofimovichutils/fs: use <sys/stat.h>, not <sys\stat.h>
2018-05-14  David FeuerImprove some Foldable methods for NonEmpty
2018-05-14  Alp MestanogullariFix another batch of `./validate --slow` failures
2018-05-14  Herbert Valerio... Add support for opting out of package environments
2018-05-14  Ben Gamarighc-pkg: Configure handle encodings
2018-05-14  Ryan ScottFix #14875 by introducing PprPrec, and using it
2018-05-14  Matthew PickeringAdd note documenting refineDefaultAlt
2018-05-14  David FeuerClarify what the FFI spec says
2018-05-14  Chaitanya KoparkarGHCi: Include a note in the hint to expose a hidden...
2018-05-14  Ben Gamarirts: Compile with gcc -Og
2018-05-13  David FeuerRemove unused things from utils/Digraph
2018-05-13  David FeuerFix changelog message for asinh
2018-05-13  Michal TerepetaFix a few GCC warnings
2018-05-13  Sylvain HenryRefactor LitString
2018-05-13  Ben GamariBump array submodule
2018-05-13  Ben GamariTcInteract: Ensure that tycons have representations...
2018-05-13  Ben Gamaribase: Fix handling of showEFloat (Just 0)
2018-05-13  Matthew PickeringSimplify -ddump-json implementation
2018-05-13  Herbert Valerio... Emit info-level log message when package envs are loaded
2018-05-12  Ryan ScottUse correct source spans for EmptyCase
2018-05-12  Bartosz NitkaRevert "Fix unwinding of C -> Haskell FFI calls with...
2018-05-12  ARJANEN LoÃ... Adds CTRL-C handler in Windows's timeout (trac issue...
2018-05-12  Alp MestanogullariExpand $tooldir in ghc --info output
2018-05-11  Bartosz NitkaFix unwinding of C -> Haskell FFI calls with -threaded
2018-05-11  Ömer Sinan... BlockAlloc.c: reuse tail_of function