2016-11-02  Simon Peyton... Fix Trac #12797: approximateWC
2016-11-02  Simon Peyton... Use substTyUnchecked in TcMType.new_meta_tv_x
2016-11-02  Simon Peyton... Simplify the API for TcHsType.kcHsTyVarBndrs
2016-11-02  Simon Peyton... Get rid of TcTyVars more assiduously
2016-11-02  Simon Peyton... Tiny refactor
2016-11-01  Erik de Castro... Sparc*: Prevent GHC from doing unaligned accesses
2016-11-01  Facundo DomínguezHave static pointers work with -fno-full-laziness.
2016-10-31  Tamar ChristinaAlign GHCi's library search order more closely with LDs
2016-10-31  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2016-10-30  Gabor GreifZap redundant imports
2016-10-29  Simon MarlowFix a bug in parallel GC synchronisation
2016-10-28  Ömer Sinan... Minor refactoring in stg_unpackClosurezh
2016-10-28  Ömer Sinan... Document unpackClosure# primop
2016-10-28  Ryan ScottAdd test for #12732
2016-10-28  Simon MarlowMake it possible to use +RTS -qn without -N
2016-10-28  Simon Peyton... Clarify comments on kinds (Trac #12536)
2016-10-28  Edward Z. YangMinor doc addition as requested in #12774.
2016-10-27  Matthew PickeringRevert "rts/linker: Move loadArchive to new source...
2016-10-27  Simon Peyton... Fix typo in comment
2016-10-27  Simon Peyton... Allow levity-polymorpic arrows
2016-10-27  Simon Peyton... Collect coercion variables, not type variables
2016-10-27  Simon Peyton... Simple refactor to remove misleading comment
2016-10-26  Michal TerepetaCmmUtils: remove the last dataflow functions
2016-10-26  Matthew PickeringRemove -dtrace-level
2016-10-26  Matthew PickeringRefine ASSERT in buildPatSyn for the nullary case.
2016-10-26  Ben Gamarirts/linker: Move loadArchive to new source file
2016-10-26  Matthew PickeringMake traceRn behave more like traceTc
2016-10-26  Ryan ScottDelete extraneous backtick in users' guide
2016-10-26  Simon Peyton... Fundeps work even for unary type classes
2016-10-25  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump peak_megabytes_allocated for T3064
2016-10-24  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #12081
2016-10-24  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #12174
2016-10-24  Simon Peyton... Take account of kinds in promoteTcType
2016-10-24  Simon Peyton... Don't instantaite when typechecking a pattern synonym
2016-10-24  Simon Peyton... Prioritise class-level equality costraints
2016-10-23  Ben Gamarirts: Move path utilities to separate source file
2016-10-22  Matthew PickeringRefactoring: Replace when (not ...) with unless in...
2016-10-22  Erik de Castro... rts/ Fix CPP usage
2016-10-22  Michal Terepetacmm/Hoopl/Dataflow: minor cleanup
2016-10-22  Matthew PickeringRefactoring: Delete copied function in backpack/NameShape
2016-10-22  Erik de Castro... Add -Wcpp-undef warning flag
2016-10-22  Matthew PickeringSkip T5611 on OSX as it fails non-deterministically.
2016-10-22  Darshan Kapashirts: should populate HAVE_LIBNUMA instead...
2016-10-22  Simon MarlowFix failure in setnumcapabilities001 (#12728)
2016-10-22  Duncan CouttsAdd and use a new dynamic-library-dirs field in the...
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Improve TcCanonical.unifyWanted and unifyDerived
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Define emitNewWantedEq, and use it
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Refactor occurrence-check logic
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Accept 20% dedgradation in Trac #5030 compile time
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... A collection of type-inference refactorings.
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Make TcLevel increase by 1 not 2
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #12507
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Comments and trivial refactoring
2016-10-21  Simon Peyton... Refactor typechecking of pattern bindings
2016-10-21  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2016-10-20  Ben Gamaricheck-cpp: Make it more robust
2016-10-20  Edward Z. YangFix Mac OS X build by removing space after ASSERT.
2016-10-20  Edward Z. YangMark previously failing backpack tests as passing,...
2016-10-20  Edward Z. YangOnly delete instances when merging when there is an...
2016-10-20  Edward Z. YangSupport constraint synonym implementations of abstract...
2016-10-20  Edward Z. YangNew story for abstract data types in hsig files.
2016-10-19  Erik de Castro... Report Unregisterised setting
2016-10-19  Peter TrommlerStgCmmPrim: Add missing write barrier.
2016-10-19  Simon Peyton... Test for newtype with unboxed argument
2016-10-19  Michal Terepetacmm/Hoopl/Dataflow: remove unused code
2016-10-19  Edward Z. YangCompute export hash based on ALL transitive orphan...
2016-10-19  Simon MarlowAdd some missing RTS symbols
2016-10-18  Karel Gardasfix build failure on Solaris caused by usage of --expor...
2016-10-18  Ömer Sinan... ghc/Main.hs: Add import list to DynamicLoading
2016-10-18  Ömer Sinan... DynamicLoading: Replace map + zip with zipWith
2016-10-18  Simon Marlowfixup! Add option to not retain CAFs to the linker API
2016-10-18  Simon Marlowremove unnecessary ifdef
2016-10-18  Simon MarlowAdd option to not retain CAFs to the linker API
2016-10-18  Edward Z. YangTrack dep_finsts in exports hash, as it affects downstr...
2016-10-17  Ben GamariBump parallel submodule
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark T7037 as broken on Windows
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite/driver: Allow threading on Windows
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Eliminate unnecessary compile_timeout_multiplier
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite/driver: More Unicode awareness
2016-10-17  Ben Gamarivalidate: Allow user to override Python interpreter
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite/timeout: Ensure that processes are cleaned...
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite/driver: Never symlink on Windows
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark T9405 as broken on Windows
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark T10858 as broken on Windows
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark break011 as broken
2016-10-17  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Work around #12554
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Re-add accidentally-deleted line
2016-10-17  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Comments only
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Add more variants of T3064 (in comments)
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Reduce trace output slightly
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #12681
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Fix wrapping order in matchExpectedConTy
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Correct order of existentials in pattern synonyms
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Typo in comment
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Fix shadowing in mkWwBodies
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Fix comment typo
2016-10-17  Simon Peyton... Comments about -Wredundant-constraints
2016-10-16  Reid BartonCorrect name of makeStableName in haddock
2016-10-15  Ryan ScottAdd a forward reference for a Note