2013-05-27  Iavor S. DiatchkiMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2013-05-27  Iavor S. DiatchkiAdd code to convert from representation types, to exist...
2013-05-22  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of
2013-05-21  Simon MarlowAdd an __hsbase_ prefix to the MD5 symbols (#7914)
2013-05-20  Ian LynaghAnother build ordering fix
2013-05-19  Ian LynaghMore build ordering fixes
2013-05-19  Ian LynaghFix build order when building with integer-simple
2013-05-15  Simon Peyton... Omit T7773 on Msys
2013-05-08  Max BolingbrokeAdd comprehensive test for codepage encodings+recovery...
2013-05-08  Max BolingbrokeSupport for Windows DBCS and new SBCS with MultiByteToW...
2013-05-07  Jose Pedro... Derive Typeable for RealWorld and (->), now that we can
2013-05-06  Andreas VoellmyUpdate parallel IO manager to handle the invalid files...
2013-04-27  Ian LynaghFix build on Windows
2013-04-25  Simon HengelAdd isLeft/isRight
2013-04-23  Max BolingbrokeImprove documentation for mkTextEncoding
2013-04-23  Max BolingbrokeTest fix for #7853
2013-04-23  Max BolingbrokeFix #7853
2013-04-21  Ian LynaghAdd Debug.Trace.{traceId,traceShowId,traceM,traceShowM...
2013-04-21  Ian LynaghAdd some more Data.Functor functions; fixes #7817
2013-04-21  Ian LynaghFix warnings
2013-04-21  Ian LynaghBuild fix for iOS; fixes #7759
2013-04-21  Bertram FelgenhauerImplement faster System.Timeout.timeout for the threade...
2013-04-21  Bertram FelgenhauerFix System.Timeout.timeout leaking Timeout exceptions...
2013-04-21  Bertram Felgenhaueradd test for #7719
2013-04-16  Edward Z. YangthrowTo is interruptible.
2013-04-16  Michal Terepetamd5.c: fix a typo in the size argument of memset
2013-04-10  Max BolingbrokeAdd test for #7522
2013-04-10  Max BolingbrokeFix #7522 by checking for empty byte buffers a little...
2013-03-24  Max BolingbrokeDon't just fail if hGetBufSome is used on a non-FD...
2013-03-10  Edward Z. YangUse correct type for poll on Mac/FreeBSD, fixes ticket...
2013-03-01  Ian LynaghRemove some functions deprecated since GHC 7.2.
2013-02-27  Daniel FischerMerge branch 'master' into rule_fixes
2013-02-25  Gabor GreifTypo
2013-02-23  shelarcyFix documentation
2013-02-19  Ian LynaghRemove blocked (deprecated since 7.2)
2013-02-19  Ian LynaghRemove block and unblock (deprecated since GHC 7.0)
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove some always-true CPP tests from System.IO.Error
2013-02-17  Ian LynaghRemove a redundant backwards compatibility hack
2013-02-17  Bas van DijkDefine Functor instances for ArgOrder, OptDescr and...
2013-02-17  Daniel FischerMerge branch 'master' into rule_fixes
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghGive Control.Monad.Instances a proper DEPRECATED pragma
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghRemove some things deprecated since GHC 7.2
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghRemove DEPRECATED pragmas from a couple of tests
2013-02-16  Ian LynaghMark DEPRECATED pragmas with when they were added
2013-02-15  Ian LynaghRemove nhc98-specific files and content
2013-02-15  Simon Peyton... Merge branch 'master' of
2013-02-15  Simon Peyton... Add the IsList class, for OverloadedLists
2013-02-14  Ian LynaghRemove uses of compose(s) in tests
2013-02-14  Simon Marlowenable memo001/memo002 when fast
2013-02-14  Sergei Trofimovichbase: use --host as target, not uname
2013-02-14  Simon MarlowUse fromException instead of cast when matching exceptions
2013-02-14  Simon Peyton... Make 'length' into a good consumer, fixing Trac #876
2013-02-13  Daniel FischerChange rules for RealFrac methods to pointfree, so...
2013-02-13  Jose Pedro... Add isNewtype to GHC.Generics (FIX #7631)
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Export Proxy from Data.Typeable
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Only run dynamic004 with optimisation
2013-02-12  Jose Pedro... Implement poly-kinded Typeable
2013-02-12  Johan TibellMerge the new parallel I/O manager
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyFix bug that caused ghci to create a large number of...
2013-02-12  Kazu YamamotoAdding a comment about the workaround of the parallel...
2013-02-12  Kazu YamamotoRemoving unnecessary trailing spaces.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyWorkaround buggy kqueue on os x.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyEliminate use of kevent64() calls.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyRemoved unnecessary import from GHC.Event.Thread.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAdded NOINLINE directive to the numEnabledEventManagers...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAdded UNPACK to emLock in GHC.Event.Manager Manager...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAdd some commentary in GHC.Event.Manager to the explain...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyUse (.&.) instead of mod in GHC.Event.Manager since...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyioManagerCapabilitiesChanged takes no arguments and...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyFix wrong type in FFI call to eventfd_write in GHC...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAvoid conditional compilation in GHC.Event.Manager.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyUndo recent change to the type of GHC.Event.Thread...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmycloseFdWith invokes callbacks only after the fd is...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyTidy up GHC.Event.Thread.closeFdWith.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmycloseFdWith closes fd after unregistering the fd with...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyUpdate closeFd_ to avoid unnecessary backend modifications.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyChange GHC.Event.Manager.closeFd to unregister interest...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAvoid use of backend modifyFdOnce in Poll backend in...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAdded missing wakeup in GHC.Event.Manager.closeFd_.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyImprove comment on GHC.Event.Manager.closeFd_.
2013-02-12  Kazu Yamamotorefactoring with guard.
2013-02-12  Kazu Yamamotominor refactoring.
2013-02-12  Kazu YamamotoMaking KQueue.poll similar to EPoll.poll.
2013-02-12  Kazu Yamamotorenaming parameters.
2013-02-12  Kazu YamamotoRenaming QueueFd to KQueueFd.
2013-02-12  Kazu Yamamotorenaming EventQueue to KQueue.
2013-02-12  Kazu YamamotoMaking KQueue compilable.
2013-02-12  Kazu Yamamotopreventing warnings.
2013-02-12  Kazu Yamamotoremoving trailing white spaces.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyParallel IO manager supports increasing and decreasing...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyMinor refactoring: pass eventManagerArray to startIOMan...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyReplace use of numCapabilities with getNumCapabilities.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyIntroduce IORef to refer to array of IO managers.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyAdded ioManagerCapabilitiesChanged function that is...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyRemove UNPACK statement to eliminate warning about...
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyRemove unnecessary import.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyUse eventfd_write to write to wakeup eventfd in Control.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyUse poll backend for TimerManager.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyWakeup is a no-op for KQueue and EPoll-based IO managers.
2013-02-12  Andreas VoellmyImplemented optimized registration and callbacks for...