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2014-11-04  Herbert Valerio... Fix lost Haddock annotation for `class Monad m`
2014-11-04  Herbert Valerio... Refactor Haddock comments in Data.Bits
2014-11-04  Herbert Valerio... Minor Haddock markup improvement to Data.Monoid
2014-11-04  David FeuerAdd `Alternative` wrapper to Data.Monoid
2014-11-04  David FeuerMake Foldable's foldr1 and foldl1 defaults lazier
2014-11-02  Joachim BreitnerUse oneShot in the definition of foldl etc.
2014-11-02  Joachim BreitnerAdd GHC.Prim.oneShot
2014-11-02  Richard EisenbergFix #9738, by handling {-# ANN ... #-} in DsMeta.
2014-10-31  Michael OrlitzkyUpdate doctest example style in `Data.Bool`
2014-10-31  Herbert Valerio... Add changelog entry for recent Unicode 7.0 update
2014-10-31  Herbert Valerio... Clean-up `Data.Fixed`
2014-10-31  Michael OrlitzkyAdd doctest examples for Data.Char
2014-10-31  Herbert Valerio... Drop deprecated `OverlappingInstances` from base
2014-10-30  Mateusz LenikFixed missing trailing newline bug in pretty printer
2014-10-30  David FeuerFix #9236 Error on read from closed handle
2014-10-29  David FeuerReally fix fft2 regression. #9740
2014-10-29  Herbert Valerio... Update Haddock submodule for collapsible section support
2014-10-29  David FeuerReorder GHC.List; fix performance regressions
2014-10-28  David Feuerbase: Refactor/clean-up *List modules
2014-10-28  Joachim BreitnerMake iterateFB inlineable
2014-10-27  David FeuerImprove performance of isSuffixOf (#9676)
2014-10-27  David FeuerOptimise atomicModifyIORef' implementation (#8345)
2014-10-26  Herbert Valerio... Add new `Data.Bifunctor` module (re #9682)
2014-10-25  Herbert Valerio... `M-x delete-trailing-whitespace` & `M-x untabify`
2014-10-21  Austin Seippbase: Mark WCsubst.c as generated for Phabricator
2014-10-21  Michael OrlitzkyAdd doctest examples for Data.Bool.
2014-10-21  Michael OrlitzkyAdd doctest examples for Data.Functor.
2014-10-21  David FeuerMake Data.List.concatMap fuse better
2014-10-21  David FeuerMake findIndices fuse
2014-10-21  David FeuerImprove isDigit, isSpace, etc.
2014-10-21  David FeuerUpdate to Unicode version 7.0
2014-10-21  Ben Gamarighc-prim: Use population count appropriate for platform
2014-10-21  Geoffrey MainlandUpdate primitive, vector, and dph submodules.
2014-10-20  Edward Z. YangRevert "Rename _closure to _static_closure, apply namin...
2014-10-20  Herbert Valerio... Sync up `containers` submodule to latest `master`-tip
2014-10-19  Herbert Valerio... Refactor module imports in base
2014-10-19  Herbert Valerio... Remove redundant explicit `Prelude` imports
2014-10-18  Herbert Valerio... Generalise `Control.Monad.{foldM,foldM_}` to `Foldable...
2014-10-18  Michael KargRemove obsolete Data.OldTypeable (#9639)
2014-10-16  David FeuerMake tails a good producer (#9670)
2014-10-16  David FeuerMake Data.List.Inits fast
2014-10-13  Herbert Valerio... Update `time` submodule to address linker issue
2014-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Refactor to avoid need for `Unicode.hs-boot`
2014-10-11  Herbert Valerio... Remove a few redundant `.hs-boot` files
2014-10-10  Edward Z. YangIgnore exe files in base (from tests)
2014-10-08  Joachim BreitnerMake Data.List.takeWhile fuse: fix #9132
2014-10-07  David FeuerMake scanl fuse; add scanl'
2014-10-07  Yuras Shumovichconfigure in base: add msys to windows check
2014-10-07  Eric MertensAdd support for LINE pragma in template-haskell
2014-10-07  Thomas MiedemaDelete __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ ifdefs for stage0 < 7.6.
2014-10-07  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of git.haskell.org/ghc
2014-10-03  Reid BartonComments only (instances for Proxy are lazy)
2014-10-02  Joachim BreitnerReally fix dropWhileEndLE commit
2014-10-02  David FeuerUse dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropWhile...
2014-10-02  Austin SeippRevert "Use dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropW...
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangRename _closure to _static_closure, apply naming consis...
2014-10-01  David FeuerUse dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropWhile...
2014-10-01  Karel Gardasupdate cabal submodule to fix build failure on Solaris
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake filterM a good consumer
2014-10-01  David FeuerFusion rule for "foldr k z (x:build g)"
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake mapAccumL a good consumer
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake scanr a good producer and consumer
2014-10-01  David FeuerMake foldr2 a bit more strict
2014-10-01  Herbert Valerio... Update Win32 submodule to avoid potential -Werror failure
2014-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Extend `Foldable` class with `length` and `null` methods
2014-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Generalise `guard` for real this time
2014-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Generalise `Control.Monad.{when,unless,guard}`
2014-09-27  Herbert Valerio... Set default-impl of `mapM`/`sequence` methods to `trave...
2014-09-27  Herbert Valerio... Replace obsolete `defaultUserHooks` by `autoconfUserHooks`
2014-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Update Cabal submodule to latest master branch tip
2014-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Don't re-export `Alternative(..)` from Control.Monad...
2014-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Update `unix` submodule to disable getlogin tests
2014-09-26  Dave LaingFixes cyclic import on OS X(#9635)
2014-09-26  Thomas MiedemaRefer to 'mask' instead of 'block' in Control.Exception
2014-09-25  Herbert Valerio... Update `binary` submodule in an attempt to address...
2014-09-24  Herbert Valerio... Update time submodule to 1.5.0 release
2014-09-24  Herbert Valerio... `M-x delete-trailing-whitespace` & `M-x untabify`
2014-09-24  Herbert Valerio... `M-x delete-trailing-whitespace` & `M-x untabify`
2014-09-24  Edward Z. YangUpdate Cabal submodule & ghc-pkg to use new module...
2014-09-23  Thomas MiedemaDelete all /* ! __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ */ code
2014-09-23  Herbert Valerio... Update haskeline submodule to avoid -Werror failure
2014-09-22  Herbert Valerio... Fix windows breakage from 5ed12810e0972b1e due to impor...
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Export `Monoid(..)`/`Foldable(..)`/`Traversable(.....
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Generalise Data.List/Control.Monad to Foldable/Traversable
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Move `mapM` and `sequence` to GHC.Base and break import...
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Update haskell2010, haskell98, and array submodules
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Simplify import-graph a bit more
2014-09-20  Herbert Valerio... Add missing changelog entries for current state of...
2014-09-20  Herbert Valerio... Generalise (some of) Data.List to Foldables (re #9568)
2014-09-20  Herbert Valerio... Turn a few existing folds into `Foldable`-methods ...
2014-09-20  Herbert Valerio... Set up framework for generalising Data.List to Foldables
2014-09-20  Herbert Valerio... Fix potential `mingw32_HOST_OS` -Werror failure
2014-09-20  Herbert Valerio... Fix potential `mingw32_HOST_OS` breakage from eae191124...
2014-09-19  Herbert Valerio... Define fixity for `Data.Foldable.{elem,notElem}`
2014-09-19  Herbert Valerio... Fixup overlooked `unless` occurence
2014-09-19  Simon Peyton JonesTypo in comment in GHC.Generics
2014-09-19  Herbert Valerio... Auto-derive a few manually coded Show instances
2014-09-19  Herbert Valerio... Revert accidental wip/generics-propeq-conservative...
2014-09-19  Gabor GreifAdd default case (fixes -Werror)
2014-09-19  Gabor GreifImplement sameConstructor