Event tracing: put the capability in the block marker, omit it from the events
[ghc.git] / rts / eventlog / EventLog.c
2009-09-15  Simon MarlowEvent tracing: put the capability in the block marker...
2009-09-13  Simon MarlowAdd event block markers
2009-08-29  Simon MarlowUnify event logging and debug tracing.
2009-08-03  Simon Marlowuse C99-style array initialisers
2009-08-04  Simon Marlowfix off-by-one in memory allocation
2009-08-02  Simon MarlowRTS tidyup sweep, first phase
2009-04-23  Simon MarlowAdd EVENT_CREATE_SPARK_THREAD to replace EVENT_SPARK_TO...
2009-04-13  donnie@darthik.comRemoved unused function postEventTypeID.
2009-04-13  donnie@darthik.comAdded new EventLog event: Spark to Thread.
2009-04-13  donnie@darthik.comChanged postEvent last argument from "nat from" to...
2009-04-13  donnie@darthik.comFixed ThreadID to be defined as StgThreadID, not StgWor...
2009-04-03  donnie@darthik.comFixed error in order of EventTypeDescriptions -- seq...
2009-04-03  donnie@darthik.comEventlog support for new event type: create spark.
2009-03-19  Simon MarlowFix warnings with older versions of gcc (3.4.5)
2009-03-17  Simon MarlowAdd fast event logging