Typos in docs and comments
[ghc.git] / compiler / parser / ApiAnnotation.hs
2015-12-31  Alan ZimmermanVarious API Annotations fixes
2015-12-11  Richard EisenbergAdd kind equalities to GHC.
2015-11-16  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : ITopenExpQuote needs SourceText
2015-11-16  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations: Add SourceText for unicode tokens
2015-09-03  Jan StolarekInjective type families
2015-08-18  DivamComments reformating/corrections
2015-05-27  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations tweaks
2015-05-06  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : quoted type variables missing leading...
2015-01-19  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations documentation update, parsing issue...
2015-01-16  Alan ZimmermanAPI Annotations tweaks.
2014-11-30  Alan ZimmermanMore Tweaks for API Anotations
2014-11-24  Alan ZimmermanMinor tweaks to API Annotation
2014-11-21  Alan ZimmermanAdd API Annotations