Fix parallel make for libffi.
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2009-03-13  Simon MarlowUse work-stealing for load-balancing in the GC
2009-02-11  Simon Marlowgeneral tidy up
2009-02-11  Simon Marlowone more bugfix: a load/load memory barrier is required...
2009-02-06  Simon Marlowcrucial bugfix: add a store/load memory barrier to...
2009-02-06  Simon Marlowbugfix: an unsigned comparison should be signed
2009-02-06  Simon Marlowtiny cleanup
2009-02-06  Simon Marlowadd debugging code and comments
2009-02-06  Simon Marlowadd an assertion
2009-02-05  Simon MarlowRefactor the spark queue implementation into a generic...
2006-10-24  Simon MarlowSplit GC.c, and move storage manager into sm/ directory
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree