Fix parallel make for libffi.
[ghc.git] / rts / RaiseAsync.c
2009-03-17  Simon MarlowAdd fast event logging
2009-03-13  Simon Marloweliminate some not-quite-duplicate code
2009-01-07  Simon MarlowClose the races between throwTo and thread completion
2009-01-07  Simon Marlowadd comment
2009-01-07  Bertram FelgenhauerFix two more locking issues in throwTo()
2009-01-07  Simon MarlowmaybePerformBlockedException() should handle ThreadComp...
2009-01-06  Simon Marlowcruft removal
2008-11-17  Simon MarlowFix #2783: detect black-hole loops properly
2008-10-09  Simon Marlowundo incorrect assertion, and fix comments
2008-10-09  Simon Marlowremove old GRAN/PARALLEL_HASKELL code
2008-10-08  Simon Marlowadd comments and an ASSERT_LOCK_HELD()
2008-09-26  Simon MarlowFix #2411: missing case for CATCH_STM_FRAME in raiseAsync()
2008-07-28  Simon MarlowChange the calling conventions for unboxed tuples slightly
2008-04-16  Simon MarlowAdd a write barrier to the TSO link field (#1589)
2008-02-28  simonmar@microsoft.comUpdating a thunk in raiseAsync might encounter an IND...
2008-02-19  Simon Marlowdebugging code
2008-04-22  Ian LynaghMake a panic slightly more helpful
2007-10-18  Simon MarlowFIX #1450: asynchronous exceptions are now printed...
2007-10-11  Simon MarlowAdd a proper write barrier for MVars
2007-09-03  Ian LynaghFix building RTS with gcc 2.*; declare all variables...
2007-01-05  Simon MarlowEagerly raise a blocked exception when entering 'unbloc...
2006-11-15  Simon Marlowremove unused includes, now that Storage.h & Stable...
2006-10-24  Simon MarlowSplit GC.c, and move storage manager into sm/ directory
2006-10-07  tharris@microsoft.comSTM invariants
2006-08-29  Simon Marlowadd missing case for BlockedOnDoProc
2006-08-13  Esa Ilari VuokkoRemove warning: Correct includes for mingw
2006-08-10  sven.panne@aedion.deMatch format strings and arguments for printf-like...
2006-08-10  sven.panne@aedion.deWarning police: Make prototype for LDV_recordDead_FILL_...
2006-06-29  Simon Marlowuse the new "prim %write_barrier()" in .cmm instead...
2006-06-16  Simon Marlowadd STM support to the new throwTo mechanism
2006-06-16  Simon MarlowAsynchronous exception support for SMP