Fix parallel make for libffi.
[ghc.git] / rts / Hpc.c
2008-07-01  Ian LynaghAllow the exact HPC tix filename to be given in the...
2008-04-11  andy@galois.comFixing HPCTIXDIR problem with mkdir usage on Windows
2008-04-08  andy@galois.comAdding environment variable HPCTIXDIR, a directory...
2007-10-23  Simon MarlowFix more warnings
2007-10-23  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD (on 32-bit platforms): hs_hpc_module() type...
2007-10-18  Simon MarlowChange some ints to unsigned ints
2007-09-17  andy@galois.comWriting out .tix file only if you are the original...
2007-09-17  andy@galois.comremoving the functions hs_hpc_read and hs_hpc_write...
2007-06-27  andy@galois.comCleaning up Hpc.c; adding support for reflection into...
2007-06-26  andy@galois.comCleanup Hpc sub-system, remove hpc-tracer implementation.
2007-06-12  andy@galois.comAdding new ffi calls into the Hpc rts subsystem
2007-04-30  andy@galois.comChanging internal data structures used by Hpc
2007-02-13  andy@galois.comFixing bad allocation of tix box breakpointing array.
2007-02-13  andy@galois.comUsing RTS debug tracing support inside Hpc.c
2007-01-10  andy@galois.comChanging bootstrapping for pipes between debugger and...
2007-01-09  andy@galois.comDynamically allocating the tix box breakpoint array
2007-01-09  andy@galois.comAdding command channel for the hpc debugger to the...
2006-12-14  andy@galois.comUpdating rix output to new standard.
2006-12-13  andy@galois.comRemoving unused argument to a printf.
2006-12-13  andy@galois.comMisc Hpc improvement to dynamic tracer output
2006-12-09  andy@galois.comAdding tracing support
2006-11-30  andy@galois.comMisc unsigned printing issues; adding magicTixNumber.
2006-11-10  sven.panne@aedion.deAdded a workaround for format specifier mismatch
2006-10-25  andy@galois.comChanging Main.tix to <prog_name>.tix in the Hpc RTS
2006-10-24  andy@galois.comHaskell Program Coverage