Test #9371 (indexed-types/should_fail/T9371)
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2014-08-07  Gabor GreifFix some typos in recent comments/notes
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesExtensive Notes on can_fail and has_side_effects
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesDocument the maintenance of the let/app invariant in...
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesMake Core Lint check the let/app invariant
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesMove Outputable instance for FloatBind to the data...
2014-08-07  Simon Peyton JonesComments and white space
2014-07-21  Edward Z. YangRename PackageId to PackageKey, distinguishing it from...
2014-07-16  Richard EisenbergRewrite coercionRole. (#9233)
2014-06-11  Gabor GreifSome typos in comments
2014-06-11  Richard EisenbergFix #9062.
2014-05-27  Dr. ERDI GergoStore IfExtNames for PatSyn matchers and wrappers in...
2014-05-15  Herbert Valerio... Add LANGUAGE pragmas to compiler/ source files
2014-05-13  Simon Peyton JonesWibble to 4cfc1fae
2014-05-13  Simon Peyton JonesLint should check that TyConAppCo doesn't have a synony...
2014-05-08  Simon Peyton JonesPreserve evaluated-ness in CoreTidy
2014-05-08  Simon Peyton JonesMark evaluated arguments in dataConInstPat
2014-05-03  Austin SeippRemove external core
2014-04-24  Simon Peyton JonesDon't eta-expand PAPs (fixes Trac #9020)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold template-haskell.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold integer-gmp.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold integer-simple.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold base.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-19  Herbert Valerio... Fold ghc-prim.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2014-04-08  Simon Peyton JonesAllow a longer demand signature than arity
2014-03-25  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-03-24  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-03-23  Gabor GreifCatch a bunch of typos in comments
2014-03-18  Simon Peyton JonesMake sure we occurrence-analyse unfoldings (fixes Trac...
2014-03-11  Simon Peyton JonesMake SetLevels do substitution properly (fixes Trac...
2014-03-11  Simon Peyton JonesComments only
2014-03-05  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2014-02-17  Joachim BreitnerMore liberally eta-expand a case-expression
2014-02-13  Julian K. ArniRemove space after ASSERT.
2014-02-13  Gabor GreifFix some typos in comments
2014-02-11  Joachim BreitnerUse exprIsLambda_maybe in match
2014-02-11  Joachim BreitnerIn simpleOptExpr, unfold compulsary unfoldings
2014-02-11  Joachim BreitnerIn CoreSubst, optimize Coercible values aggressively
2014-02-10  Joachim BreitnerImplement CallArity analysis
2014-01-26  Gabor GreifSquash some spelling issues
2014-01-12  Herbert Valerio... Fold testsuite.git into ghc.git (re #8545)
2013-12-17  Joachim BreitnerRemove unused eqExprX
2013-12-12  Simon Peyton JonesImprove the handling of used-once stuff
2013-12-12  Simon Peyton JonesSome refactoring of Demand and DmdAnal
2013-12-09  Joachim BreitnerReplace mkTopDmdType by mkClosedStrictSig
2013-12-09  Joachim BreitnerRename topDmdType to nopDmdType
2013-11-29  Herbert Valerio... Remove whitespace between macro identifiers and `(`
2013-11-27  Joachim BreitnerRoleify TcCoercion
2013-11-27  Joachim BreitnerAdd role-checking ASSERT to mkCast
2013-11-22  Simon Peyton JonesUntabify and trailing white space
2013-11-22  Simon Peyton JonesAdd a missing case to Lint's understanding of empty...
2013-11-21  Simon Marlow80 columns
2013-11-21  Simon MarlowtickishCanSplit should be False for HpcTick
2013-11-21  Simon MarlowmkNoScope: expand the default case
2013-11-21  Simon MarlowRename mkNoTick to mkNoCount
2013-11-20  Joachim BreitnerMake Coercible higher-kinded
2013-11-12  Simon Peyton JonesMake exprType work correctly in the presnce of type...
2013-11-12  Simon Peyton JonesImprove eta expansion (again)
2013-10-24  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor the topNormaliseNewType story, fixing Trac...
2013-10-12  Krzysztof GogolewskiTypos
2013-10-08  Gabor GreifCatch some popular typos in comments
2013-10-01  Simon MarlowGlobally replace "hackage.haskell.org" with "ghc.haskel...
2013-09-23  Krzysztof GogolewskiTypos
2013-09-18  Simon Peyton JonesA little refactoring
2013-09-13  Joachim BreitnerIntroduce coerce :: Coercible a b -> a -> b
2013-09-13  Iavor S. DiatchkiAdd support for evaluation of type-level natural numbers.
2013-09-11  Austin SeippFix AMP warnings.
2013-09-04  Patrick PalkaMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into ghc...
2013-09-03  Simon Peyton JonesImprove Linting in GHCi (fixes Trac #8215)
2013-09-02  Simon Peyton JonesRemove the final vestiges of InlineWrappers
2013-08-31  Ryan NewtonMerge branch 'master' into atomics
2013-08-30  Patrick PalkaMerge branch 'master' into ghc-parmake-gsoc
2013-08-29  Nicolas Frisbysimplified the .hi format and added the -flate-dmd...
2013-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesRefactor to avoid gratuitous DEBUG warning
2013-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesImprove debug error message for applyTypeToArgs
2013-08-19  Simon Peyton JonesFix Haddock formatting
2013-08-19  Simon Peyton JonesImprove eta-reduction some more, when the function...
2013-08-16  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #8138.
2013-08-02  Richard EisenbergImplement "roles" into GHC.
2013-08-02  Richard EisenbergFix Trac #8020.
2013-06-21  Richard EisenbergRevise implementation of overlapping type family instances.
2013-06-06  Ian LynaghRemove old representation of CSEnv; part of #5996
2013-06-06  Simon Peyton JonesBetter computeDiscount for ValAppCtxt
2013-06-06  Simon Peyton JonesTake proper account of over-saturated functions in...
2013-06-06  Simon Peyton JonesAdd TyCon.checkRecTc, and use in in typeArity
2013-06-06  Simon Peyton JonesImplement cardinality analysis
2013-06-06  Simon Peyton JonesComments and white space only
2013-06-05  Simon Peyton JonesImrove Lint to check unfoldings
2013-05-30  Simon Peyton JonesMake 'SPECIALISE instance' work again
2013-05-19  Ian LynaghWe can't use Integer literals when compiling the intege...
2013-05-19  Ian LynaghFix a build problem with integer-simple
2013-05-15  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc
2013-05-15  Simon Peyton JonesMake 'undefined' have the magical type 'forall (a:OpenK...
2013-05-12  Ian LynaghMerge win:/cygdrive/c/ghc/git/dt
2013-05-10  Ian LynaghRemove a redundant wrapper function
2013-04-26  Ian LynaghRemove extCoreName from DynFlags
2013-04-26  Ian LynaghWhitespace only in MkExternalCore
2013-04-19  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org/ghc
2013-04-11  Nicolas Frisbyignore RealWorld in size_expr; flag to keep w/w from...
2013-04-06  Ian LynaghMerge branch 'master' of darcs.haskell.org:/srv/darcs...
2013-04-06  Ian LynaghDetab modules with tabs on 5 lines or fewer