Clean up and remove todo.
[ghc.git] / compiler /
2014-10-07  Joel BurgetClean up and remove todo.
2014-10-07  Eric MertensAdd support for LINE pragma in template-haskell
2014-10-07  Jack HenahanRemove unused hashName declaration
2014-10-07  Thomas MiedemaRemove RAWCPP_FLAGS
2014-10-07  Gabor GreifFix a typo in an error message
2014-10-07  Simon Peyton JonesMerge branch 'master' of
2014-10-07  Simon Peyton JonesUse correct precedence when printing contexts with...
2014-10-05  Herbert Valerio... Implement `MIN_VERSION_GLASGOW_HASKELL()` macro
2014-10-04  Sergei fix list for dll-split on GHCi-less builds
2014-10-02  David FeuerUse dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropWhile...
2014-10-02  Austin SeippRevert "Use dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropW...
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangRename _closure to _static_closure, apply naming consis...
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangProperly generate info tables for static closures in...
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangBC-breaking changes to C-- CLOSURE syntax.
2014-10-02  Edward Z. YangPlace static closures in their own section.
2014-10-01  David FeuerUse dropWhileEndLE p instead of reverse . dropWhile...
2014-10-01  Austin Seipp[ci skip] Kill unused count_bytes script
2014-10-01  Austin Seipp[ci skip] Kill tabs in md5.h
2014-10-01  Austin Seipp[ci skip] compiler: Kill last remaining tabs in CallArity
2014-10-01  David FeuerSimplify mergeSATInfo by using zipWith
2014-10-01  Simon Peyton JonesDon't use newSysLocal etc for Coercible
2014-10-01  Simon Peyton JonesComments about the let/app invariant
2014-10-01  Simon Peyton JonesFix bogus comment
2014-09-28  Herbert Valerio... Extend `Foldable` class with `length` and `null` methods
2014-09-27  Thomas MiedemaStop exporting, and stop using, functions marked as...
2014-09-26  Herbert Valerio... Don't re-export `Alternative(..)` from Control.Monad...
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton JonesComments
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton JonesDe-tabify and remove trailing whitespace
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton JonesComplain about illegal type literals in renamer, not...
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton JonesImprove error messages from functional dependencies
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton JonesWibble to implicit-parameter error message
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton JonesDo not discard insoluble Derived constraints
2014-09-26  Simon Peyton JonesDefer errors in derived instances
2014-09-26  Thomas MiedemaDelete hack that was once needed to fix the build
2014-09-26  Austin Seipptypes: detabify/dewhitespace Unify
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcUnify
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcTyDecls
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcPat
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] typecheck: detabify/dewhitespace TcInstDecls
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] simplCore: detabify/dewhitespace CoreMonad
2014-09-26  Austin Seipp[ci skip] iface: detabify/dewhitespace IfaceSyn
2014-09-25  Edward Z. YangDetab DataCon
2014-09-25  Herbert Valerio... Remove a few redundant `-fno-warn-tabs`s
2014-09-24  Herbert Valerio... `M-x delete-trailing-whitespace` & `M-x untabify`
2014-09-24  Edward Z. YangUpdate Cabal submodule & ghc-pkg to use new module...
2014-09-23  Thomas MiedemaChange all hashbangs to /usr/bin/env (#9057)
2014-09-23  Thomas MiedemaDelete all /* ! __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ */ code
2014-09-23  Thomas MiedemaDelete hack when takeDirectory returns ""
2014-09-23  Simon Peyton JonesEnsure that loop breakers are computed when glomming
2014-09-21  Herbert Valerio... Export `Monoid(..)`/`Foldable(..)`/`Traversable(.....
2014-09-20  Herbert Valerio... Change linker message verbosity to `-v2` (re #7863)
2014-09-19  Krzysztof GogolewskiTypos
2014-09-19  Simon Peyton JonesClean up Coercible handling, and interaction of data...
2014-09-19  Simon Peyton JonesWhite space only
2014-09-19  Simon Peyton JonesDefine Util.leLength :: [a] -> [b] -> Bool
2014-09-19  Simon Peyton JonesFix garbled comment wording
2014-09-19  Simon Peyton JonesUse mapAccumL (refactoring only)
2014-09-19  Simon Peyton JonesIncrease -fcontext-stack=N default to 100
2014-09-19  Herbert Valerio... Revert accidental wip/generics-propeq-conservative...
2014-09-19  Gabor GreifUse 'd_name' as the name (should be derived from d_name...
2014-09-19  Gabor GreifSupply a reasonable name (should be derived from d_name...
2014-09-19  Gabor GreifActually parametrize the Constructor with the Datatype
2014-09-19  Gabor Greifget roles right and fix a FIXME
2014-09-18  Krzysztof GogolewskiAdd -fwarn-context-quantification (#4426)
2014-09-18  Richard EisenbergComments only: explain checkAxInstCo in OptCoercion
2014-09-17  Herbert Valerio... Implement `decodeDouble_Int64#` primop
2014-09-17  Gabor GreifTypo in comment
2014-09-17  Gabor GreifSimplify
2014-09-17  Gabor GreifTypo
2014-09-16  Thomas MiedemaReturn nBytes instead of nextAddr from utf8DecodeChar
2014-09-16  archblobAdd the ability to :set -l{foo} in ghci, fix #1407.
2014-09-16  Thijs AlkemadeRemove special casing of singleton strings, split all...
2014-09-15  Edward Z. YangDon't offer hidden modules for autocomplete.
2014-09-15  Herbert Valerio... Export `Traversable()` and `Foldable()` from Prelude
2014-09-13  Herbert Valerio... Detabify primops.txt.pp
2014-09-13  Herbert Valerio... Move docstring of `seq` to primops.txt.pp
2014-09-12  Jose Pedro MagalhaesFix support for deriving Generic1 for data families...
2014-09-10  Herbert Valerio... Make GHC `time-1.5`-ready
2014-09-10  Herbert Valerio... Kill obsolete pre GHC 7.6 bootstrapping support
2014-09-09  Austin SeippMake Applicative a superclass of Monad
2014-09-06  Alan ZimmermanPostTcType replaced with TypeAnnot
2014-09-05  Sergei TrofimovichpprC: declare extern cmm primitives as functions, not...
2014-09-04  Simon Peyton JonesSmall improvement to unsaturated-type-function error...
2014-09-01  Sergei Trofimovichsystools: fix gcc version detecton on non-english locale
2014-09-01  Thomas MiedemaMake Lexer.x more like the 2010 report
2014-09-01  Thomas MiedemaStringBuffer should not contain initial byte-order...
2014-08-31  Herbert Valerio... `M-x delete-trailing-whitespace` & `M-x untabify`...
2014-08-31  Herbert Valerio... Re-export Word from Prelude (re #9531)
2014-08-30  Gabor GreifSome typos
2014-08-29  Gabor GreifTypos in comments
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesGive the worker for an INLINABLE function a suitably...
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesBetter specImport discarding message (again)
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesWhen finding loop breakers, distinguish INLINE from...
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesComments, white space, and rename "InlineRule" to ...
2014-08-29  Simon Peyton JonesFix a bug in CSE, for INLINE/INLNEABLE things
2014-08-29  Dr. ERDI GergoInclude pattern synonyms as AConLikes in the type envir...
2014-08-29  Duncan CouttsFix a few minor issues spotted in code review
2014-08-29  Duncan CouttsFix validation error in Linker arising from package...
2014-08-29  Duncan CouttsAddress a number of Edward's code review comments
2014-08-29  Duncan CouttsSwitch the package id types to use FastString (rather...