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2010-05-25  simonpj@microsoft.comSpelling in comments
2010-05-25  simonpj@microsoft.comRefactor (again) the handling of default methods
2010-05-25  simonpj@microsoft.comDon't do SpecConstr on NOINLINE things (Trac #4064)
2010-05-20  Simon Marlowthe 'stage=0' trick to disable all compiler builds...
2010-05-24  benl@ouroborus.netComments and formatting only
2010-05-22  Ian LynaghCore prettyprinter fixes. Patch from Tim Chevalier...
2010-05-20  Ian LynaghStop passing -Wl,-macosx_version_min to gcc
2010-05-19  Simon MarlowFix package shadowing order (#4072)
2010-05-18  Ian LynaghChange another / to </> to avoid building paths contain...
2010-05-13  Simon MarlowUndo part of #4003 patch
2010-05-10  Simon MarlowlooksLikeModuleName: allow apostrophe in module names...
2010-05-11  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #4003: fix the knot-tying in checkHiBootIface
2010-05-10  simonpj@microsoft.comRe-engineer the derived Ord instance generation code...
2010-05-10  simonpj@microsoft.comMake arity of INLINE things consistent
2010-04-28  Simon Marlowomit "dyn" from the way appended to the __stginit label
2010-05-06  Ian LynaghEnable the "redundant specialise pragmas" warning;...
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comFind the correct external ids when there's a wrapper
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a comment about pattern coercions
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comMake a missing name in mkUsageInfo into a panic
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comRefactoring of hsXxxBinders
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3966: warn about useless UNPACK pragmas
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comMake tcg_dus behave more sanely; fixes a mkUsageInfo...
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd a HsExplicitFlag to SpliceDecl, to improve Trac...
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comChange an assert to a warn
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comTidy up debug print a little
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comRemove useless UNPACK pragmas
2010-05-06  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd WARNM2 macro, plus some refactoring
2010-04-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3966: warn about unused UNPACK pragmas
2010-04-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3953: fail earlier when using a bogus quasiquoter
2010-04-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3965: tighten conditions when deriving Data
2010-04-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3964: view patterns in DsArrows
2010-04-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3955: renamer and type variables
2010-04-09  simonpj@microsoft.comLayout only
2010-05-06  Ian LynaghGive a better deprecated message for INCLUDE pragmas...
2010-05-06  Ian LynaghDe-haddock a comment that confuses haddock
2010-05-06  Ian LynaghFix comment to not confuse haddock
2010-05-05  simonpj@microsoft.comMake the demand analyser sdd demands for strict constru...
2010-05-05  simonpj@microsoft.comFix interaction of exprIsCheap and the lone-variable...
2010-05-05  simonpj@microsoft.comMatching cases in SpecConstr and Rules
2010-05-04  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-05-04  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-05-04  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-04-17  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only (about type families)
2010-05-05  Simon MarlowRemove the Unicode alternative for ".." (#3894)
2010-05-05  Simon MarlowAllow filepath-1.2.*
2010-05-04  Ian LynaghFix build with GHC 6.10
2010-05-03  Simon PJPrint unfoldings on lambda-bound variables
2010-05-03  Milan StrakaReplace FiniteMap and UniqFM with counterparts from...
2010-05-03  Simon PJMake the demand analyser take account of lambda-bound...
2010-04-27  Ian LynaghFix "make 2"
2010-04-27  Simon Marlow--make is now the default (#3515), and -fno-code works...
2010-04-26  Simon Marlowworkaround for #4003, fixes HEAD build with 6.12.2
2010-04-24  Ian LynaghMake sure all the clean rules are always included
2010-04-23  Simon Marlowreinstate eta-expansion during SimplGently, to fix...
2010-04-22  Simon MarlowAdd missing constant folding and optimisation for unsig...
2010-03-31  Milan StrakaFlags -auto and -auto-all operate only on functions...
2010-04-13  Max BolingbrokeSpelling correction for LANGUAGE pragmas
2010-04-12  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3950: unifying types of different kinds
2010-04-12  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3943: incorrect unused-variable warning
2010-04-09  Ian LynaghThe bootstrapping compiler is now required to be > 609
2010-03-30  David WaernAdd Data and Typeable instances to HsSyn
2010-04-06  Simon Marlowaccount for the new BLACKHOLEs in the GHCi debugger
2010-03-29  Simon MarlowNew implementation of BLACKHOLEs
2010-03-25  Simon MarlowNever jump directly to a thunk's entry code, even if...
2010-04-03  naur@post11.tele.dkFix error compiling AsmCodeGen.lhs for PPC Mac (mkRtsCo...
2010-04-03  naur@post11.tele.dkFix error compiling AsmCodeGen.lhs for PPC Mac (DestBlo...
2010-03-31  Ian LynaghUse machdepCCOpts when compiling the file to toggle...
2010-03-29  Simon Marlowfix return type cast in f.i.wrapper when using libffi...
2010-03-25  Ian LynaghUse </> rather than ++ "/"
2010-03-25  Simon Marlowdo_checks: do not set HpAlloc if the stack check fails
2010-03-24  Ian LynaghRemove unused cUSER_WAY_NAMES cUSER_WAY_OPTS
2010-03-24  Ian LynaghRemove unused cCONTEXT_DIFF
2010-03-24  Ian LynaghRemove unused cEnableWin32DLLs
2010-03-24  Ian LynaghRemove unused cGHC_CP
2010-03-20  Ian LynaghRemove LazyUniqFM; fixes trac #3880
2010-03-16  Ian LynaghDon't use -Bsymbolic when linking the RTS
2010-03-17  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3920: Template Haskell kinds
2010-03-16  benl@ouroborus.netAdd sliceP mapping to vectoriser builtins
2010-03-11  benl@ouroborus.netComments only
2010-03-14  Ian LynaghDon't enable RTS options by default
2010-03-13  Ian LynaghAdd a -with-rtsopts link-time flag
2010-03-13  Ian LynaghRename a variable
2010-03-13  Ian LynaghAdd a link-time flag to en/disable the RTS options
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #1954: newtype deriving caused 'defined but...
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comRule binders shouldn't have IdInfo
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comAdd comment
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comRule binders shouldn't have DFun pragmas
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comA bug in isClosedUnfolding
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comComments and type signatures only
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-03-09  simonpj@microsoft.comTidy up pretty-printing of InlinePragma
2010-03-09  Simon Marlowadd a note
2010-03-05  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #3736: do not preInlineUnconditionally with...
2010-03-04  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-03-04  simonpj@microsoft.comComments only
2010-03-04  simonpj@microsoft.comRefactor part of the renamer to fix Trac #3901
2010-03-04  simonpj@microsoft.comMinor refactoring of placeHolderPunRhs
2010-03-04  simonpj@microsoft.comMake `mkFunTy` associate to the right, as it should