[ghc.git] / libraries /
2006-05-18  Simon Marlowtake parsec out of $(GhcBootLibs)
2006-05-01  Ashley Yakeleyadd time package to libraries Makefile
2006-04-26  Ashley Yakeleyadd time package to default-packages
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree
2006-01-31  Simon Marlowcombine libraries/.darcs-boring and .darcs-boring
2006-01-23  Simon MarlowMFLAGS += -f Makefile
2006-01-13  Simon Marlowimprovements to darcs-all
2006-01-13  Simon MarlowAdd infrastructure for multiple library packages
2006-01-13  Simon MarlowAdd a skeleton libraries directory