coercion: Improve debugging output
[ghc.git] / appveyor.yml
2018-03-29  mrkkrpFull AppVeyor build with tests
2018-02-27  mrkkrpBuild quick flavor and run some tests on Windows
2018-02-01  Ben Gamariappveyor: Refactor
2018-01-31  Ben Gamariappveyor: Don't install gcc
2017-11-22  Ben GamariUpdate Hadrian
2017-11-15  Andrey MokhovPull recent Hadrian changes from upstream
2017-11-15  Andrey MokhovSquashed 'hadrian/' changes from 5ebb69a..fa3771f
2017-11-10  Ben GamariMerge commit '5229c43ccf77bcbffeced01dccb27398d017fa34'
2017-11-09  Ben GamariMerge initial Hadrian snapshot
2017-11-08  Ben GamariMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/83'
2017-11-07  Mateusz KowalczykSet up AppVeyor, Windows CI.
2017-11-06  Andrey MokhovMerge commit '7b0b9f603bb1215e2b7af23c2404d637b95a4988...
2017-11-06  Andrey MokhovSquashed 'hadrian/' content from commit 438dc57