Let the specialiser work on dicts under lambdas
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2018-10-23  Ben GamariAdd 'hadrian/' from commit '45f3bff7016a2a0cd9a5455a882...
2018-10-09  Alp MestanogullariMerge pull request #700 from snowleopard/alp/ghc-versio...
2018-10-09  Alp Mestanogullariupdate GHC versions used on travis
2018-09-13  Alp MestanogullariOS X CI scripts: don't use my GHC branch anymore, D5138...
2018-09-07  Alp MestanogullariUpdate OS X scripts to test a GHC patch for #614 (...
2018-09-01  Andrey MokhovFix build scripts (#668)
2018-07-31  quasicomputationalRemove the hack to use a patched Cabal submodule in...
2018-07-12  Michael SloanAttempt to fix travis build
2018-06-27  Alp MestanogullariSwitch to the fixed Cabal branch in CI and add a fix...
2018-04-17  Alp MestanogullariGeneric library rules (#571)
2018-03-31  Moritz AngermannMerge pull request #542 from Mistuke/fix-specific-file
2018-03-30  Alp MestanogullariUse Cabal directly in place of ghc-cabal + make build...
2017-12-11  Andrey MokhovFix CI (#489)
2017-11-22  Ben GamariUpdate Hadrian
2017-11-15  Andrey MokhovPull recent Hadrian changes from upstream
2017-11-15  Andrey MokhovSquashed 'hadrian/' changes from 5ebb69a..fa3771f
2017-11-12  Andrey MokhovDo not run configure by default (#458)
2017-11-11  Andrey MokhovFix CI scripts (#454)
2017-11-10  Ben GamariMerge commit '5229c43ccf77bcbffeced01dccb27398d017fa34'
2017-11-06  Andrey MokhovMerge commit '7b0b9f603bb1215e2b7af23c2404d637b95a4988...
2017-11-06  Andrey MokhovSquashed 'hadrian/' content from commit 438dc57
2017-10-11  Doug WilsonRearrange unix build scripts. (#430)
2017-10-10  Andrey MokhovMake Brief the default setting of the --progress-info...
2017-10-05  Andrey MokhovInstall python3 on Travis OS X
2017-10-03  Joachim BreitnerRevert installing texinfo in CI systems
2017-10-02  Joachim BreitnerTravis: Install texinfo
2017-09-07  Joachim BreitnerTravis: Boot with ghc-8.2.1, and disable test suite
2017-08-26  Andrey MokhovDo not run CI in verbose mode
2017-08-18  Andrey MokhovDrop double installation of Hadrian dependencies
2017-08-18  Andrey MokhovFix Travis
2017-08-18  Andrey MokhovFix Travis timeout
2017-08-17  Andrey MokhovBuild with '--integer-simple' on Linux GHC 8.0.2 CI
2017-08-05  Andrey MokhovUse Cabal build scripts on CI
2017-08-02  Andrey MokhovSwitch to building using GHC 8.0.2 and GHC 8.2.1 on...
2017-07-19  Zhen ZhangDrop language in Travis CI config (#372)
2017-07-19  Zhen ZhangMake OS X build faster and Add GHC 8.0.2 build on Travi...
2017-04-27  Andrey MokhovUse xcode8 image
2017-03-16  Andrey MokhovMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/snowleopard...
2017-02-11  Gracjan PolakUse --depth 1 for git clone (#298)
2017-01-12  Andrey MokhovSpeed up Travis OSX build by --integer-simple
2016-12-02  Ben GamariTravis: Add dependency on python3
2016-10-22  Andrey MokhovRevert to running the configure script from Hadrian
2016-10-22  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #276 from wereHamster/osx-use-nm...
2016-10-22  Andrey MokhovUse nm-classic when running on Travis
2016-10-22  Andrey MokhovAttempt to fix Travis MacOSX instance
2016-09-01  Andrey MokhovFix path to GHC binary
2016-09-01  Andrey MokhovRefactor and simplify
2016-08-05  Andrey MokhovDon't run cabal on Hadrian
2016-07-16  Andrey MokhovRevert to quickest build flavour on Travis Linux
2016-07-15  Andrey MokhovTry default build flavour on Travis Linux
2016-07-01  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #266 from KaiHa/copyDirectoryContent
2016-06-21  Andrey MokhovUse Quickest flavour on Mac OSX
2016-06-02  Thomas MiedemaTravis: llvm's apt repository is offline
2016-06-01  Andrey MokhovTest the resulting GHC binary
2016-05-18  Andrey MokhovRun CI in verbose mode
2016-05-18  Andrey MokhovDon't use colours on CI
2016-05-04  Andrey MokhovRun boot and configure from Hadrian.
2016-05-04  Andrey MokhovRun boot and configure by default.
2016-04-30  Andrey MokhovMove Hadrian executable to /hadrian.
2016-04-30  Andrey MokhovFix Travis CI.
2016-04-26  Andrey MokhovRename to Hadrian.
2016-04-22  Andrey MokhovTry full build on Mac OS X.
2016-04-22  Andrey MokhovDon't use Docker on Travis.
2016-04-22  Andrey MokhovList installed packages in CI
2016-04-10  Andrey MokhovInstall alex and happy using cabal to fix Travis failure
2016-02-18  Andrey MokhovAdd --profile=- to CI build scripts.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovDrop exe extension.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovBuild GhcPkg Stage1 on OS X Travis.
2016-02-02  Andrey MokhovDo a full build on both Travis instances.
2016-01-24  Andrey MokhovUse quick flavour on Travis.
2016-01-15  Moritz AngermannMerge remote-tracking branch 'snowleopard/master' into...
2016-01-14  Andrey MokhovPrint out system.config when running CI.
2016-01-12  Moritz AngermannMerge branch 'master' into angerman/feature/build-info...
2016-01-11  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #152 from snowleopard/report-on-fix
2016-01-11  David LuposchainskyReport success on IRC only if the build was fixed
2016-01-11  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #151 from ndmitchell/master
2016-01-11  Neil Mitchell#151, add a call to selftest
2016-01-09  Andrey MokhovDrop exe extension.
2016-01-09  Andrey MokhovBuild stage1 GHC only to fit into OS X time limit on...
2016-01-09  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #142 from quchen/clone-from-github
2016-01-09  David LuposchainskyShallow clone GHC from Github instead of Haskell.org
2016-01-07  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #122 from quchen/housekeeping
2016-01-07  David LuposchainskyAdd cabal configure to CI
2016-01-07  David LuposchainskyAdd Haddock build to CI
2016-01-07  Andrey MokhovBuild only stage1 base library to fit into Travis 50...
2016-01-07  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #123 from angerman/feature/fix-clang
2016-01-06  Moritz AngermannUpdates travis and README to reflect fixing #26
2016-01-06  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #121 from angerman/feature/fix-osx-ci
2016-01-06  Moritz AngermannLet's try the stupid --with-gcc fix for os x.
2016-01-06  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #120 from quchen/irc-notifications
2016-01-06  David LuposchainskyCache $HOME/.ghc as well
2016-01-06  David LuposchainskyAdd IRC notifications
2016-01-06  Andrey MokhovMerge pull request #112 from angerman/feature/osx-ci
2016-01-06  Moritz Angermannbefore_install steps don't merge
2016-01-06  Moritz AngermannCan we put addons and before_install into the include?
2016-01-06  Moritz Angermannrun cabal update
2016-01-06  Moritz AngermannReorder os and env
2016-01-06  Moritz AngermannInstall alex, happy; adjust path only on ghc/cabal...
2016-01-06  Moritz AngermannUse install.
2016-01-06  Moritz AngermannThis should work, I guess.