Let the specialiser work on dicts under lambdas
[ghc.git] / .gitlab-ci.yml
2019-05-21  Ben GamariUpdate .gitlab-ci.yml
2019-05-21  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow Windows Hadrian build to fail
2019-05-14  Vladislav ZavialovRestore the --coerce option in 'happy' configuration
2019-05-10  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Disable cleanup job on Windows
2019-05-03  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: generate JUnit testsuite report in Linux CI job
2019-05-01  Alp MestanogullariBuild Hadrian with -Werror in the 'ghc-in-ghci' CI job
2019-04-25  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Reintroduce DWARF-enabled bindists
2019-04-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: source-tarball job should have no dependencies
2019-04-22  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: use the testsuite driver's config.haddock...
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Do not build profiled libraries on 32-bit...
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add centos7 release job
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Only run release notes lint on release tags
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow doc-tarball job to fail
2019-04-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Improve error message on failure of doc...
2019-04-18  Sylvain HenryGitlab: allow execution of CI pipeline from the web...
2019-04-12  Ben Gamarigitlab: Don't run lint-submods job on Marge branches
2019-04-12  Ben Gamarigitlab: Disable windows-hadrian job
2019-04-12  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Ensure that version number has three components
2019-04-09  Ben Gamarigitlab: Bump cabal-install version used by Windows...
2019-04-08  Yuriy SyrovetskiyFix whitespace style
2019-04-03  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Build hyperlinked sources for releases
2019-03-30  Ben Gamarici: Ensure index.html is preserved in documentation...
2019-03-29  Ben Gamarici: Check that changelogs don't contain "TBA"
2019-03-25  Matthew PickeringCheck hadrian/ghci.sh script output to determine pass...
2019-03-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow linters to fail for now
2019-03-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Explicitly fetch target branch
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Compute merge base against remote tracking...
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix YAML syntax
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Clean up linter
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix linters
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab: Deploy documentation snapshot via GitLab Pages
2019-03-22  Matthew PickeringCI: Allow failure in packaging step
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Pass --target explicitly to configure on...
2019-03-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Do full `perf` build when building Windows...
2019-03-22  Matthew PickeringRun linters on merge requests
2019-03-20  Ben Gamarici: Add some descriptions of the stages
2019-03-20  Ben Gamarici: Move validate-x86_64-linux-deb9 to full-build stage
2019-03-20  Matthew PickeringUpdate .gitlab-ci.yml
2019-03-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Bump docker images
2019-03-20  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Implement support for i386/Windows bindists
2019-03-18  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Implement head.hackage jobs
2019-03-18  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Always build fedora27
2019-03-16  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Generate source tarballs
2019-03-16  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Generate documentation tarball
2019-03-16  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Explicitly set bindist tarball name
2019-03-13  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: build (and retrieve) binary distributions...
2019-03-12  Matthew PickeringRevert: Update ci-images commit
2019-03-12  Matthew PickeringCI: Update ci-images commit
2019-03-12  Matthew PickeringRemove trailing whitespace
2019-03-12  Matthew PickeringCI: Add ghc-in-ghci build job
2019-03-07  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Don't allow i386-deb9 to fail
2019-03-04  Alp MestanogullariHadrian: track mingw, ship it in bindists, more robust...
2019-03-02  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: A bit of reorganization
2019-03-01  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Give deb9-unreg job a distinct cache key
2019-03-01  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Produce DWARF-enabled binary distribution
2019-03-01  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Pull docker images from ghc/ci-images registry
2019-03-01  Alp Mestanogullariuse --docs=no-sphinx in both Hadrian CI jobs
2019-02-24  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Only build x86_64-deb8 and fedora27 for...
2019-02-22  Matthew PickeringUse validate flavour rather than devel2 for DEBUG CI job
2019-02-22  Tamar ChristinaSet builder env
2019-02-20  Matthew PickeringCI: Run `cabal update` before trying to build Hadrian
2019-02-16  David EichmannFix and Reapply "Performance tests: recover a baseline...
2019-02-12  Matthew PickeringAdd explicit dependencies to cleanup-darwin
2019-02-10  Alec TheriaultMake CI via Hadrian build docs
2019-02-07  Matthew PickeringRevert "gitlab-ci: More aggressive artifact expiration"
2019-02-07  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: More aggressive artifact expiration
2019-02-07  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add a devel2 build
2019-02-04  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Don't allow x86_64-linux-deb9-llvm to fail
2019-02-03  Matthew PickeringTurn on -Werror when validating
2019-02-01  Ben GamariRevert "Performance tests: recover a baseline from...
2019-01-30  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use build cleanup logic on Darwin as well
2019-01-30  David EichmannPerformance tests: recover a baseline from ancestor...
2019-01-30  Ben GamariRevert "Batch merge"
2019-01-30  Ben GamariBatch merge
2019-01-28  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix Windows cleanup command line
2019-01-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Explicitly clear dependencies of all jobs
2019-01-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Drop CircleCI jobs
2019-01-23  Ben Gamarigitlab: Collect artifacts on Windows
2019-01-23  Alec TheriaultUpdate Darwin CI to use new toplevel --with-intree...
2019-01-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Disallow failure
2019-01-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Reenable Hadrian build on Windows
2019-01-14  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Cleanup Windows builds
2019-01-07  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Clone haddock from its upstream repository
2019-01-06  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Try reenabling PDF documentation on Darwin
2019-01-01  Adam Sandberg Erikssonconfigure: introduce HAPPY and ALEX vars and deprecate...
2018-12-26  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Try only building Windows in the quick flavour
2018-12-25  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow Windows to fail for now
2018-12-25  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Require that integer-simple configuration...
2018-12-25  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Clean tree on Windows after job
2018-12-25  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use robocopy instead of bash to copy cabal...
2018-12-25  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Use per-build temporary directory on Windows
2018-12-23  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Disable CircleCI Darwin builds
2018-12-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Allow Darwin CircleCI build to fail
2018-12-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Fix Darwin build
2018-12-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Only run nightly-i386-linux-deb9 when NIGHTL...
2018-12-22  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: More aggressive cleaning
2018-12-21  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Only run CircleCI Darwin build in full-build...
2018-12-21  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add i386 Debian 9 builds
2018-12-21  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Ensure that build environment is clean
2018-12-21  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Set locale