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[ghc.git] / .circleci / config.yml
2018-12-18  Ben Gamaricircleci: Fix LLVM build
2018-12-18  Ben Gamaricircleci: Don't use xlarge instances
2018-12-14  Ben Gamarigitlab-ci: Add LLVM way
2018-12-11  Alp Mestanogullaricircleci: ignore gitlab branches for all jobs in the...
2018-12-11  Ben Gamaricircleci: Add integer-simple build target
2018-12-11  Ben GamariCircleCI: Add configurations for Centos 7 and Debian 9
2018-12-07  Ben GamariCircleCI: Don't ignore gitlab/.* branches
2018-12-01  Ben GamariAdd GitLab CI
2018-12-01  Alp MestanogullariAdd a Gitlab CI script that runs Circle CI validation...
2018-11-24  Ben GamariCircleCI: More cleanup
2018-11-24  Ben GamariCircleCI: Clean up docker image
2018-11-22  Dario Bertinicircleci: Actually build with in-tree GMP on Darwin
2018-11-07  David Eichmanntestsuite: Save performance metrics in git notes.
2018-11-07  Ben GamariRevert "CircleCI: Build DWARF-enabled Linux bindists"
2018-11-07  Ben GamariCircleCI: Build DWARF-enabled Linux bindists
2018-10-30  Ben Gamaricircleci: Store test results of slow validation builds
2018-10-29  Ben Gamaricircleci: Build with in-tree GMP on Darwin
2018-10-23  Ben GamariAdd 'hadrian/' from commit '45f3bff7016a2a0cd9a5455a882...
2018-10-02  Ben Gamaricircleci: Create missing test-results directory
2018-10-01  Ben Gamaricircleci: Run slowtest with multiple threads
2018-08-12  Alp Mestanogullariuse *test instead of *slowtest for llvm validation...
2018-08-09  Ben Gamaricircleci: Reduce compression effort to 3
2018-08-09  Ben Gamaricircleci: Reduce build verbosity
2018-08-09  Ben Gamaricircleci: Fix documentation building
2018-08-05  Ben Gamaricircleci: Don't build validate-x86_64-linux-debug unreg...
2018-07-06  Ben Gamaricircleci: Detect core count
2018-06-16  Ben Gamaricircleci: Add a reference to the documentation on the...
2018-06-16  Ben Gamaricircleci: Bump fedora docker image tag
2018-06-15  Ben GamariBump supported LLVM version to 6.0
2018-06-08  Alp MestanogullariRun Linux slow validate nightly on Circle CI
2018-05-05  mrkkrpUpdate docker images to use GHC 8.4.2 and cabal-install-2.2
2018-05-03  Matthew PickeringCircleCI: Save test results as JUnit XML
2018-04-10  mrkkrpFix GHC collector flavor for Fedora job (Circle CI)
2018-04-07  mrkkrpRun tests after artifact collection
2018-04-07  mrkkrpCollect build artifacts with S3
2018-03-29  mrkkrpRename CI docker images
2018-03-26  mrkkrpAdd a job running on Fedora
2018-03-19  mrkkrpAdd a build with 32bit Ubuntu container
2018-03-08  mrkkrpUse docker images with non-root user
2018-02-26  Ben Gamaricircleci: Simplify Hadrian build
2018-02-20  Ben Gamaricircleci: Skip performance tests
2018-02-19  Facundo DomínguezIncrease the amount of parallelism in circleci.
2018-02-18  Ben Gamaricircleci: Add nightly build using devel2 flavour
2017-11-29  Ben GamariDarwin: Set deployment target
2017-11-24  Ben GamariCircleCI: Reenable artifact collection on Darwin
2017-11-23  Ben Gamaricircleci: Build with Hadrian
2017-11-23  Ben GamariCircleCI: Try validating LLVM as well
2017-11-23  Ben GamariCircleCI: Perform nightly validation of unregisterised...
2017-11-22  Ben GamariUpdate Hadrian
2017-11-22  Ben GamariCircleCI: Add webhook for Harbormaster builds
2017-11-21  Ben GamariCircleCI: Disable artifact collection on OS X
2017-11-15  Andrey MokhovPull recent Hadrian changes from upstream
2017-11-11  Ben Gamaricircleci: Bump down thread count
2017-11-10  Ben GamariMerge commit '5229c43ccf77bcbffeced01dccb27398d017fa34'
2017-11-09  Ben GamariMerge initial Hadrian snapshot
2017-11-08  Ben GamariMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pr/83'
2017-11-07  Mateusz KowalczykFactor out builds into steps. Address ghc/ghc#83 comments.
2017-11-07  Mateusz KowalczykSet up Linux, OSX and FreeBSD on CircleCI.
2017-11-06  Andrey MokhovMerge commit '7b0b9f603bb1215e2b7af23c2404d637b95a4988...
2017-10-03  Joachim BreitnerRevert installing texinfo in CI systems
2017-10-02  Joachim BreitnerCircleCI: Install texinfo
2017-09-21  Mathieu BoespflugInitial CircleCI support.