Don't discard a bang on a newtype pattern (Trac #9844)
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2014-11-27  Edward Z. YangCabal submodule update: hole support and tests.
2014-11-26  Herbert Valerio... Use {bit,popCount}Integer for `Bits Integer`
2014-11-26  Herbert Valerio... Define `Data` instance for `Natural` type (#9818)
2014-11-25  Herbert Valerio... Insert changelog entries for GHC 7.8.4
2014-11-25  Herbert Valerio... Update `deepseq` to latest snapshot
2014-11-24  David TereiMark `Data.Typeable.Internal` as Trustworthy after...
2014-11-24  Herbert Valerio... Changelog entry and /Since/ for alloc-counter ops
2014-11-24  Ömer Sinan Ağacanaccessors to RTS flag values -- #5364
2014-11-24  Herbert Valerio... Use the `patch` command detected by the top-level ...
2014-11-24  Herbert Valerio... Try to improve Make dependency for `ghc-gmp.h`
2014-11-23  Herbert Valerio... Update in-tree GMP to version 5.0.4
2014-11-23  Herbert Valerio... Fix minor typo in 6d1c8ec79adf566d57d2c35aac
2014-11-23  Herbert Valerio... Persist build-time GMP ver to `HsIntegerGmp.h`
2014-11-23  Herbert Valerio... Install `ghc-gmp.h` C include header file (#9281)
2014-11-23  Carter Tazio SchonwaldAdd `Storable` instances for `Complex` and `Ratio`
2014-11-23  David FeuerDefine void using <$ (re #9827)
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Call `popCountBigNat` directly (#9818)
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Implement {gcd,lcm}/Natural optimisation (#9818)
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Fix `fromInteger` constructing invalid `Natural`
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Add `isValidNatural` predicate (#9818)
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Add gcd/Word RULE-based optimisation
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Remove reference to `MIN_VERSION_integer_gmp2`
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... integer-gmp2: export `Word`-counterpart of gcdInt
2014-11-22  Herbert Valerio... Implement `Natural` number type (re #9818)
2014-11-21  Thomas MiedemaDeprecate Data.Version.versionTags (#2496)
2014-11-21  Sean LeatherAdd function for size-checked conversion of Integral...
2014-11-21  Michael SnoymanAdd displayException method to Exception (#9822)
2014-11-21  David TereiBe consistent with placement of Safe Haskell mode at...
2014-11-21  David TereiImprove Safe Haskell bounds for changes to base over...
2014-11-21  David TereiUpdate Foreign.* for Safe Haskell now that they're...
2014-11-21  David TereiUpdate Control.Monad.ST.* for Safe Haskell as now they...
2014-11-21  Alex PetrovAdd 'fillBytes' to Foreign.Marshal.Utils.
2014-11-21  Herbert Valerio... Add Data.Void to base (re #9814)
2014-11-21  David FeuerExport scanl' from Data.OldList and Data.List
2014-11-21  Herbert Valerio... Hide `Data.OldList` module
2014-11-21  Austin SeippDelete old-{time,locale} and haskell{98,2010}
2014-11-20  Richard EisenbergFix #9220 by adding role annotations.
2014-11-20  Herbert Valerio... Make Data.Functor.Identity trustworthy again
2014-11-20  Luite StegemanMake calling conventions in template haskell Syntax...
2014-11-19  Luite Stegemanadd missing instances for Loc and a few missing Eq...
2014-11-19  Mathieu Boespflugtemplate-haskell: Missing instances for Rational and ().
2014-11-19  Thomas MiedemaRefactor: use System.FilePath.splitSearchPath
2014-11-19  Herbert Valerio... Optimise `Identity` instances with `coerce`
2014-11-19  Herbert Valerio... Reimplement im/export primitives for integer-gmp2
2014-11-18  Austin SeippRevert "base: Fix (**) instance for Data.Complex (...
2014-11-18  Wieland HoffmannmapMaybe: Typo in the comment (#9644)
2014-11-18  Austin Seippbase: Fix (**) instance for Data.Complex (#8539)
2014-11-18  David FeuerChange a comment referring falsely to seq
2014-11-18  David FeuerMake listArray fuse
2014-11-18  Yuras ShumovichRemove outdated TODO in TimeManager
2014-11-18  Greg Weberdocument addDependentFile uses contents, not mtime
2014-11-15  Herbert Valerio... Fix compilation of `integer-gmp2` with `-O0`
2014-11-15  Herbert Valerio... Update to (unreleased) `deepseq-`
2014-11-15  Edward Z. YangGeneralize exposed-modules field in installed package...
2014-11-13  David FeuerImplement amap/coerce for Array (re #9796)
2014-11-13  Herbert Valerio... Fix `integer-gmp2` compilation with GMP 4.x (#9281)
2014-11-13  David FeuerImprove `Foldable` instance for `Array`
2014-11-13  David Feuerbase: define `sequence = mapM id`
2014-11-13  David FeuerMake unwords and words fuse somewhat
2014-11-13  David Feuerbase: Fix map/coerce comment
2014-11-13  David TereiAdd `--fwarn-trustworthy-safe` to `-Wall`
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #9064 by adding support for generic default signatu...
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergFix #8100, by adding StandaloneDerivD to TH's Dec type.
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergDerive Generic for TH types (#9527)
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergRemove unboxed Int# fields from NameFlavour (#9527)
2014-11-12  Richard EisenbergUntabify template-haskell.
2014-11-12  Simon MarlowPer-thread allocation counters and limits
2014-11-12  Herbert Valerio... Implement new integer-gmp2 from scratch (re #9281)
2014-11-11  David FeuerDe-bias Data.Foldable and improve docstrings
2014-11-11  David FeuerDefine list monad operations using comprehensions
2014-11-10  Herbert Valerio... Move Data.Functor.Identity from transformers to base
2014-11-08  David FeuerUse (.) and id from Base in Control.Applicative
2014-11-08  Herbert Valerio... Unlit overlooked GHC/Conc/Sync.lhs
2014-11-07  Thomas MiedemaPreserve argument order to (==)/eq in nub and nubBy
2014-11-07  Herbert Valerio... base: Manually unlit .lhs into .hs modules
2014-11-07  Merijn Verstraaten*Really*, really fix RTS crash due to bad coercion.
2014-11-07  David FeuerMake getTag use a bang pattern instead of seq
2014-11-07  David FeuerImprove Applicative definitions
2014-11-06  Michael OrlitzkyAdd doctest examples for Data.Either
2014-11-05  Alexander BerntsenAdd `isSubsequenceOf` to Data.List (#9767)
2014-11-05  Herbert Valerio... Clean-up Haddock in `Data.Functor`
2014-11-05  David FeuerRemove redundant contexts from Foldable methods
2014-11-04  Herbert Valerio... Remove redundant "Minimal complete definition"-comments
2014-11-04  Herbert Valerio... Fix lost Haddock annotation for `class Monad m`
2014-11-04  Herbert Valerio... Refactor Haddock comments in Data.Bits
2014-11-04  Herbert Valerio... Minor Haddock markup improvement to Data.Monoid
2014-11-04  David FeuerAdd `Alternative` wrapper to Data.Monoid
2014-11-04  David FeuerMake Foldable's foldr1 and foldl1 defaults lazier
2014-11-02  Joachim BreitnerUse oneShot in the definition of foldl etc.
2014-11-02  Joachim BreitnerAdd GHC.Prim.oneShot
2014-11-02  Richard EisenbergFix #9738, by handling {-# ANN ... #-} in DsMeta.
2014-10-31  Michael OrlitzkyUpdate doctest example style in `Data.Bool`
2014-10-31  Herbert Valerio... Add changelog entry for recent Unicode 7.0 update
2014-10-31  Herbert Valerio... Clean-up `Data.Fixed`
2014-10-31  Michael OrlitzkyAdd doctest examples for Data.Char
2014-10-31  Herbert Valerio... Drop deprecated `OverlappingInstances` from base
2014-10-30  Mateusz LenikFixed missing trailing newline bug in pretty printer
2014-10-30  David FeuerFix #9236 Error on read from closed handle
2014-10-29  David FeuerReally fix fft2 regression. #9740
2014-10-29  Herbert Valerio... Update Haddock submodule for collapsible section support