GC refactoring, remove "steps"
[ghc.git] / includes / Stg.h
2009-09-10  Simon Marlowput back F_, just in case the via-C codegen uses it
2009-08-25  Simon MarlowTidy up file headers and copyrights; point to the wiki...
2009-08-02  Simon MarlowRTS tidyup sweep, first phase
2009-06-09  Ian LynaghDefine _BSD_SOURCE in Stg.h
2009-06-02  Simon MarlowRemove old GUM/GranSim code
2009-04-26  Ian LynaghGHC new build system megapatch
2008-12-02  Simon MarlowFix more problems caused by padding in the Capability...
2008-10-06  Ian LynaghRemove #define _BSD_SOURCE from Stg.h
2008-09-18  Simon MarlowFix MacOS X build: don't believe __GNUC_GNU_INLINE__...
2008-09-16  Simon MarlowFIX #2469: sort out our static/extern inline story
2008-09-04  Ian LynaghDefine _BSD_SOURCE in Stg.h
2008-06-19  Simon MarlowFix up inlines for gcc 4.3
2008-05-12  Simon MarlowFIX #1861: floating-point constants for infinity and...
2008-04-25  Ian LynaghFix the ticky ticky build
2008-04-02  Simon MarlowDo not #include external header files when compiling...
2006-10-24  Simon MarlowSplit GC.c, and move storage manager into sm/ directory
2006-09-28  Ian LynaghFix mulIntMayOflo on 64-bit arches; fixes trac #867
2006-09-09  Ian Lynagh8 byte align data. Fixes SIBGUSs on HPPA/Linux.
2006-04-07  Simon MarlowReorganisation of the source tree