Add events to show when GC threads are idle/working
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2009-10-08  simonpj@microsoft.comMake ghci work with libraries compiled with -ticky
2009-09-29  Simon MarlowUse "rep; nop" inside a spin-lock loop on x86/x86-64
2009-09-28  Simon Marlowremove TICK_GC_WORDS_COPIED, the GC stats give us the...
2009-09-25  Simon MarlowAdd a way to generate tracing events programmatically
2009-09-18  Simon MarlowFix #3439: -debug implies -ticky, and -ticky code links...
2009-08-25  Simon MarlowTidy up file headers and copyrights; point to the wiki...
2009-08-19  Simon Marlowremove some redundant declarations
2009-08-03  Simon MarlowRename primops from foozh_fast to stg_foozh
2009-08-02  Simon MarlowRTS tidyup sweep, first phase