Add {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compiler modules
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2007-09-01  Ian LynaghAdd {-# OPTIONS_GHC -w #-} and some blurb to all compil...
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraUse a Data.Sequence instead of a list in cvReconstructType
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraFix a bug in RtClosureInspect.cvReconstructType.
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraWarning police
2007-08-29  Pepe IborraWibble
2007-08-27  Pepe Iborra:stepover ---> :steplocal, :stepmodule
2007-08-27  Pepe IborraUse a version of obtainTerm that takes a max depth...
2007-08-26  Pepe IborraStyle: remove trailing spaces
2007-08-26  Pepe IborraPrint contents of bindings when stopping at a breakpoint
2007-08-24  Pepe IborraA partial attempt to improve :stepover
2007-08-22  Pepe IborraBetter document :stepover and its limitations
2007-08-28  Manuel M T ChakravartyType checking for type synonym families
2007-08-10  Ian LynaghFollow Array changes (adding numElements field)
2007-08-21  Clemens FruhwirthLinker.lhs to prefer DSO when it's build as dynamic...
2007-08-22  Pepe IborraA partial attempt to improve :stepover
2007-08-22  Pepe IborraBetter document :stepover and its limitations
2007-08-21  Pepe IborraSmall rearrangements
2007-08-20  Pepe IborraMake :stepover <expr> work like :step
2007-08-17  Ian LynaghRemove dupliate "io (revertCAFs)" and discardActiveBrea...
2007-08-16  Pepe IborraDocument :stepover in ghci help
2007-08-15  Pepe IborraSteal the bold trick from :list for :history
2007-08-15  Pepe IborraTeach :history to show the name of the enclosing declar...
2007-08-14  Pepe IborraGeneralize some code dealing with SrcSpan sorting
2007-08-09  Pepe IborraA new :stepover command for the debugger
2007-08-09  Pepe IborraFunctor instance for the GHCi monad
2007-08-10  Ian LynaghRemove a duplicate case
2007-08-02  simonpj@microsoft.comFix Trac #1525
2007-07-16  Ian LynaghFix alphabetical ordering in :? output
2007-07-14  Ian LynaghFix for print022 (round up when dividing type size...
2007-07-14  Pepe IborraAutomatic RTTI for ghci bindings
2007-07-12  Pepe IborraTeach :print to not panic when the DataCon for a closur...
2007-07-12  Pepe IborraFix an array indexing bug in getClosureData (used by...
2007-07-11  Pepe IborraFix imports & add missing type signatures
2007-07-11  Pepe IborraAsk for a HscEnv instead of a Session in InteractiveEva...
2007-07-11  Pepe IborraAdd a max depth bound to the bfs implementation in...
2007-07-09  Simon MarlowFix #1505; failure to catch syntax error in :break...
2007-07-09  Ian LynaghAdd -fprint-explicit-foralls flag; fixes trac #1474
2007-07-06  Simon Marlowundo: Get the path right for :list
2007-07-05  Michael D. AdamsWarning Police
2007-07-02  Ian LynaghRemove prefixMatch and suffixMatch from Util
2007-07-02  Ian LynaghRemove the large ghci banner, and the flags to choose...
2007-06-29  Tim ChevalierFurther compileToCore improvements
2007-06-26  Simon Marlowx86_64: fix a few bugs in the >8 floating point args...
2007-06-25  Simon MarlowwithExtendedLinkerState: don't revert the whole state
2007-06-07  LemmihFix a bug in MatchCon, and clarify what dataConInstOrig...
2007-06-18  Ian LynaghMore debugger output order consistency
2007-06-17  Pepe IborraSeveral changes to the code dealing with newtypes in...
2007-06-17  Ian LynaghSort names before printing them in the debugger so...
2007-06-12  Ian LynaghTweak banner printing 2007-06-12
2007-06-01  cdsmith@twu.netFIX #1378 Add option for a shorter banner on GHCi startup
2007-06-12  Simon Marlowfix compile error in the !GHCI_TABLES_NEXT_TO_CODE...
2007-06-05  Isaac Dupreeremove #if branches for pre-ghc-6.0
2007-06-05  Simon Marlowfix panic in #1379
2007-06-05  bjpop@csse.unimelb... Add missing newline from ghci :help output
2007-05-21  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD: GHC doesn't use filepath (yet)
2007-05-25  iavor.diatchki@gma... refactor: combine repeated code in file reloading
2007-05-25  iavor.diatchki@gma... Changes the behavior of the "edit" command in GHCi.
2007-05-24  Pepe Iborrawibble
2007-05-23  Pepe IborraClean up for code conventions & add some comment
2007-05-20  Pepe IborraGet the path right for :list
2007-05-20  Pepe Iborrawibble
2007-05-20  Pepe IborraClean up & comments
2007-05-20  Pepe IborracvReconstructType: a faster, types-only version of...
2007-05-19  Pepe IborraRewrite the unsafe code dealing with unboxed primitives...
2007-05-18  Simon Marlow'import M' is now the same as ':module +M' at the prompt
2007-05-18  Simon Marlowimprove break-by-coordinate
2007-05-18  Simon MarlowOn Windows, don't try to use ANSI bold sequences.
2007-05-18  Simon MarlowUpdate the panic msg from #1257 to be an ordinary error...
2007-05-17  Simon Marlowfix ordering in :help
2007-05-17  Simon Marlowadd :cmd
2007-05-16  Simon Marlowadd a comment
2007-05-15  Simon MarlowGHCi debugger: new flag -fbreak-on-exception
2007-05-15  Simon Marlowsmall performance improvement: unbox some fields
2007-05-11  Simon MarlowSupport for adding custom commands to an individual...
2007-05-11  Simon MarlowStore a SrcSpan instead of a SrcLoc inside a Name
2007-05-11  Simon Marlowrefactoring only
2007-05-10  Simon MarlowFIX #1321: problems with accessing the interpreter...
2007-05-10  Simon MarlowFIX BUILD: remove accidentally committed hunk
2007-05-09  Simon Marlowfix confusion with return value of runStmt
2007-05-09  Simon Marloweliminate a crash when trying to use :break on a compil...
2007-05-09  Simon MarlowStore the constructor name in the info table in UTF-8
2007-05-09  Simon MarlowFIX: Linker.getHValue should be linking in any dependen...
2007-05-09  Simon MarlowFix a missing prime spotted by -fwarn-unused-binds
2007-05-09  Pepe IborraFixed a badly defined pattern match
2007-05-08  Simon MarlowAllow you to say :unset -f<flag> (see #1328)
2007-05-08  Simon Marlowoverhaul :help, group the debugging commands together
2007-05-08  Simon Marlowlet you :show things that you can :set (e.g. args,...
2007-05-08  Simon Marlowimprovements to :history
2007-05-03  Bertram Felgenhauerfix exit code of ghci -e "return ()"
2007-05-03  Simon Marlowimprove the :list command
2007-05-03  Simon MarlowAdd history/trace functionality to the GHCi debugger
2007-05-03  Simon Marlowuse extendInteractiveContext instead of custom code
2007-05-02  Simon MarlowRefactoring, tidyup and improve layering
2007-05-01  Pepe IborraAdd new skolem tyvars to the InteractiveContext after...
2007-04-30  Pepe IborraRemove skolem tyvars from the InteractiveContext once...
2007-04-30  Pepe IborraRestore tidying up of tyvars in :print
2007-04-30  Ian LynaghMake GHCi's banner fit in a standard 80-column terminal
2007-04-27  Simon Marlowgive the statements under evaluation in the ":show...
2007-04-27  Simon Marlowbreak by function: make sure we get the correct file
2007-04-27  Simon MarlowWe shouldn't let-bind expressions with unlifted type