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5 hours ago  Ben GamariRevert recent submodule bumps master
6 hours ago  Ben GamariBump time submodule
8 hours ago  Simon Peyton... A much nicer solution for typechecking ApplicativeDo
10 hours ago  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #13244
10 hours ago  Simon Peyton... Fix ApplicativeDo constraint scoping
13 hours ago  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #13271
21 hours ago  Ben GamariBump Cabal and containers submodules
21 hours ago  Tamar ChristinaFix all broken perf tests on x64 Windows
28 hours ago  Simon Peyton... Test Trac #13300
28 hours ago  Simon Peyton... Gather constraints locally in checkMain
29 hours ago  Simon Peyton... Disallow class instances for synonyms
29 hours ago  Simon Peyton... A bit more tc-tracing in TcTyClsDecls
29 hours ago  Simon Peyton... Remove panics for TcTyCon
29 hours ago  Simon Peyton... A little refactoring of the simplifier around join...
31 hours ago  Ryan ScottReplace some pushTcLevelM's with pushTcLevelM_
31 hours ago  Ryan ScottMinor spelling, grammar, and formatting fixes
7 weeks ago ghc-8.0.2-release Release 8.0.2 (at long last!)
2 months ago ghc-8.0.2-rc2 Release 8.0.2-rc2
3 months ago ghc-8.0.2-rc1
9 months ago ghc-8.0.1-release Release 8.0.1 (finally!)
10 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc4
10 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc3
12 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc2
13 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc1
13 months ago ghc-8.1-start Start of GHC 8.1 development branch
14 months ago ghc-7.10.3a-release Release 7.103a
14 months ago ghc-7.10.3-release Release version 7.10.3
15 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc3
15 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc2
15 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc1
19 months ago ghc-7.10.2-release Version 7.10.2 (Release)
19 months ago ghc-7.10.2-rc2
5 hours ago master
30 hours ago wip/spj-early-inline
40 hours ago wip/spj-early-inline2
43 hours ago wip/ttypeable
2 days ago wip/rwbarton-D3164
2 days ago wip/rwbarton-biniface
4 days ago wip/embelleshed-rdr
5 days ago wip/T13255-spj
6 days ago wip/rwbarton-gold
8 days ago wip/rwbarton-split-sections
11 days ago wip/rwbarton-O2
11 days ago wip/rwbarton-jp-nolint
11 days ago wip/rwbarton-no-core-lint-after-jp
11 days ago wip/rwbarton-no-core-lint-before-jp
11 days ago wip/rwbarton-no-core-lint
13 days ago wip/rwbarton-D2992