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last changeSat, 10 Oct 2015 13:41:05 +0000 (15:41 +0200)
36 min ago  Ben Gamarisphinx: Don't share doctrees between targets master
36 min ago  Edward Z. YangRename SpecInfo to RuleInfo (upon SPJ's advice).
36 min ago  Ben GamariKeep `shift{L,R}` on `Integer` from segfaulting
53 min ago  Tamar ChristinaAdd short library names support to Windows linker
57 min ago  Thomas MiedemaFix error msg: ghci can't be used with -prof or -static...
14 hours ago  Erik de Castro... Revert "Switch to LLVM version 3.7"
14 hours ago  Erik de Castro... Switch to LLVM version 3.7
20 hours ago  Edward Z. YangSimplify type of ms_srcimps and ms_textual_imps.
20 hours ago  Edward Z. YangIgnore __pycache__.
20 hours ago  Edward Z. YangDisable man building for most quick build styles.
30 hours ago  Edward Z. YangExtra files to ignore from the new Restructured documen...
39 hours ago  Edward Z. YangMove orphan instance/rule warnings to typechecker/desug...
2 days ago  Jan StolarekTests for #10945 and #10946
2 days ago  Thomas MiedemaParser: revert some error messages to what they were...
2 days ago  Matthew PickeringAllow non-operator infix pattern synonyms
2 days ago  David KraeutmannImprove error messages for ambiguous type variables
2 months ago ghc-7.10.2-release Version 7.10.2 (Release)
3 months ago ghc-7.10.2-rc2
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6 months ago ghc-7.10.1-release Version 7.10.1 (Release)
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6 months ago ghc-7.10.1-rc3
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9 months ago ghc-7.11-start Start of GHC 7.11 development branch
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47 hours ago wip/base-amp-normalisation
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