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last changeSat, 29 Aug 2015 11:08:18 +0000 (13:08 +0200)
84 min ago  Ben GamariStgCmmHeap: Re-add check for large static allocations master
84 min ago  Herbert Valerio... integer-gmp: optimise bitBigNat
84 min ago  Edward Z. Yangghc-pkg --enable-multi-instance should not complain...
84 min ago  Yuras ShumovichFix identifier parsing in hp2ps
84 min ago  Ben GamariDwarf: Produce .dwarf_aranges section
84 min ago  Ben GamariDwarf: Produce {low,high}_pc attributes for compilation...
84 min ago  Ben GamariDwarf: Fix DW_AT_use_UTF8 attribute
84 min ago  Michael SnoymanRespect GHC_CHARENC environment variable #10762
84 min ago  RyanGlScottMake Generic (Proxy t) instance poly-kinded (fixes...
84 min ago  Ben GamariAdd testcase for #7411
19 hours ago  Erik de Castro... RTS: Reduce MBLOCK_SPACE_SIZE on AArch64
2 days ago  Simon Peyton... base: Remove a redundant 'return'
2 days ago  Ben GamariTysWiredIn: Shuffle code around
2 days ago  Ben GamariMkIface: Introduce PatSynId, ReflectionId, DefMethId
2 days ago  Ben GamariIfaceEnv: Clean up updNameCache a bit
2 days ago  Ben GamariMove newImplicitBinder to from IfaceEnv to BuildTyCl
5 weeks ago ghc-7.10.2-release Version 7.10.2 (Release)
8 weeks ago ghc-7.10.2-rc2
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