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5 hours ago  Simon MarlowFix offset calculation in __stg_gc_fun master
6 hours ago  Gabor GreifSpelling in comments
10 hours ago  Alan ZimmermanRemove warnings for -fwarn-incomplete-patterns wip/lexer-warnings
11 hours ago  Ben GamariSpecialise: Avoid unnecessary recomputation of free...
20 hours ago  Thomas MiedemaRemove all *.stderr/stdout-hugs files
20 hours ago  Thomas MiedemaRemove Hugs specific test setups (omit_compiler_type)
20 hours ago  Nikita Kartashovrts: fix incorrect checking start for -x arguments...
33 hours ago  Thomas MiedemaFix typo [skip ci] (#10605)
44 hours ago  Benjamin BykowskiEasy way to defer type errors (implements #8353)
45 hours ago  Thomas MiedemaLexer.x and Parser.y: delete dead code
45 hours ago  Thomas MiedemaUse -fno-warn-unused-imports instead of hiding `ord`
2 days ago  Thomas MiedemaComments only [skip ci]
2 days ago  Thomas MiedemaLexer: remove -fno-warn-unused-do-bind
2 days ago  Thomas MiedemaRemove dead code / overlapping pattern (#9723)
2 days ago  Thomas MiedemaTestsuite: add -ignore-dot-ghci to some tests
2 days ago  Michal TerepetaSupport MO_{Add,Sub}IntC and MO_Add2 in the LLVM backend
6 days ago ghc-7.10.2-rc2
3 weeks ago ghc-7.10.2-rc1
3 months ago ghc-7.10.1-release Version 7.10.1 (Release)
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5 hours ago wip/T10527
10 hours ago wip/lexer-warnings
10 hours ago ghc-7.8
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3 days ago wip/impredicativity
4 days ago wip/orf-reboot
3 weeks ago wip/spj-improvement
4 weeks ago wip/aarch64-regd
4 weeks ago wip/high_memory_usage
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2 months ago wip/T9020
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