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last changeWed, 27 May 2015 15:50:55 +0000 (17:50 +0200)
17 hours ago  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations tweaks master
18 hours ago  Thomas MiedemaBuild system: don't install haddock .t files (#10410)
2 days ago  Facundo DomínguezOmit the static form error for variables not in scope.
2 days ago  Facundo DomínguezFix ghci-way tests of -XStaticPointers.
2 days ago  erdesztAdd missing name for FFI import (fixes #9950)
4 days ago  Erik de Castro... rts: Fix typo in comment
4 days ago  Thomas MiedemaUpdate .mailmap
4 days ago  Thomas Miedematestsuite: handle missing stats files gracefully (...
4 days ago  Austin Seippcompiler: kill a stray pprTrace in OccName
4 days ago  Austin Seipptestsuite: commit missing T4945 stdout
5 days ago  Simon Peyton... Fix a huge space leak in the mighty Simplifier
5 days ago  Simon Peyton... Fix quadratic behaviour in tidyOccName
5 days ago  Simon Peyton... Reduce magic for seqId
5 days ago  Simon Peyton... White space layout only
6 days ago  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotatons : AnnDcolon in wrong place for PatBind
6 days ago  Alan ZimmermanApiAnnotations : parens around a context with wildcard...
8 weeks ago ghc-7.10.1-release Version 7.10.1 (Release)
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15 months ago ghc-7.9-start Start of GHC 7.9 development branch
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2 months ago wip/orf-reboot
2 months ago wip/T9858-typeable-spj
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