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last changeSun, 22 Jan 2017 20:11:05 +0000 (12:11 -0800)
6 hours ago  Edward Z. YangFailing test for #13149. master
6 hours ago  Edward Z. YangRewrite Backpack comments on never-exported TyThings.
6 hours ago  Edward Z. YangPreserve coercion axioms when thinning.
6 hours ago  Thomas MiedemaRemove clean_cmd and extra_clean usage from .T files
6 hours ago  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Bump allocations on T5321Fun and T12707
6 hours ago  Ben Eliminate stray close bracket
8 hours ago  Ryan ScottRevert "Remove unnecessary isTyVar tests in TcType"
32 hours ago  Bartosz NitkaAlways use -Xlinker for -rpath
2 days ago  Yuras ShumovichWarn on missing home modules
2 days ago  Demi ObenourClean up some shell code and M4 quoting
2 days ago  Reid Bartontestsuite: Don't fail if "target has RTS linker" field...
2 days ago  Reid BartonAdd a failing test for #13099
2 days ago  Phil de JouxShow explicit quantifiers in conflicting definitions...
2 days ago  Takano AkioAllow top-level string literals in Core (#8472)
2 days ago  Ben GamariBump Cabal submodule
2 days ago  Oleg GrenrusAdd 'type family (m :: Symbol) <> (n :: Symbol)'
2 weeks ago ghc-8.0.2-release Release 8.0.2 (at long last!)
5 weeks ago ghc-8.0.2-rc2 Release 8.0.2-rc2
2 months ago ghc-8.0.2-rc1
8 months ago ghc-8.0.1-release Release 8.0.1 (finally!)
9 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc4
9 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc3
11 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc2
12 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc1
12 months ago ghc-8.1-start Start of GHC 8.1 development branch
13 months ago ghc-7.10.3a-release Release 7.103a
13 months ago ghc-7.10.3-release Release version 7.10.3
14 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc3
14 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc2
14 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc1
18 months ago ghc-7.10.2-release Version 7.10.2 (Release)
18 months ago ghc-7.10.2-rc2
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11 days ago wip/rwbarton-dep-finsts
11 days ago foldr-to-foldl
13 days ago wip/all-inlinable-head
13 days ago wip/all-inlinable
13 days ago wip/ghci-staticptrs
2 weeks ago wip/rwbarton-large-tuple
2 weeks ago wip/inlinable-bug
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