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15 hours ago  Reid BartonTest case for indirect dependencies in ghci linker... master
47 hours ago  Edward Z. YangMake T9579 parallel-safe and add build outputs to ...
47 hours ago  Edward Z. YangStub out pkgState with non-error, helps with debugging.
47 hours ago  Edward Z. YangComments only.
47 hours ago  Edward Z. YangDocumentation for rnImports/rnImportDecl.
2 days ago  Javran ChengBetter hints when RTS options not available (Trac ...
2 days ago  Iavor S. DiatchkiRename tests so that they have a unique name.
2 days ago  Iavor S. DiatchkiFix test output
2 days ago  Iavor S. DiatchkiFix test output.
2 days ago  Iavor S. DiatchkiFixes (hopefully!) T9858
2 days ago  Iavor S. DiatchkiAdd exception for `KnownNat` and `KnownSymbol` in super...
2 days ago  Joachim BreitnerCall Arity: Trade precision for performance in large...
3 days ago  Joachim BreitnerImprove Call Arity performance
3 days ago  Simon Peyton... Fix fundep coverage-condition check for poly-kinds
4 days ago  Simon Peyton... Do not allow Typeable on constraints (Trac #9858)
4 days ago  Bertram FelgenhauerImplement -f[no-]print-unicode-syntax flag for unicode...
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