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last changeSat, 10 Dec 2016 21:13:40 +0000 (21:13 +0000)
10 hours ago  Tamar ChristinaAutomate GCC driver wrapper master
11 hours ago  Tamar ChristinaAdd `_unlock_file` to RTS symbols
28 hours ago  Ben Gamarirts: Provide _lock_file in symbol table on Windows
29 hours ago  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix syntax error in rts/all.T
33 hours ago  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Mark prog003 as broken on Windows
34 hours ago  Ryan ScottRename TH constructors for deriving strategies
34 hours ago  Phil RuffwindEnsure each test inherits the TEST_HC_OPTS
34 hours ago  Phil Ruffwindtestsuite: make tests respond to SIGINT properly
34 hours ago  Peter TrommlerNCG: Implement trivColorable for PowerPC 64-bit
34 hours ago  Demi ObenourFix LLVM TBAA metadata
34 hours ago  Ben GamariMark T12903 as broken on OS X
40 hours ago  Sylvain HenryExport `warningGroups' and `warningHierarchies'
40 hours ago  Phil RuffwindDisable colors unless printing to stderr
40 hours ago  Sylvain HenryScrutinee Constant Folding
40 hours ago  Ben GamariBump haddock submodule
42 hours ago  Ryan ScottDisambiguate reified closed type family kinds in TH
3 weeks ago ghc-8.0.2-rc1
6 months ago ghc-8.0.1-release Release 8.0.1 (finally!)
7 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc4
8 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc3
10 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc2
11 months ago ghc-8.0.1-rc1
11 months ago ghc-8.1-start Start of GHC 8.1 development branch
12 months ago ghc-7.10.3a-release Release 7.103a
12 months ago ghc-7.10.3-release Release version 7.10.3
12 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc3
13 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc2
13 months ago ghc-7.10.3-rc1
16 months ago ghc-7.10.2-release Version 7.10.2 (Release)
17 months ago ghc-7.10.2-rc2
18 months ago ghc-7.10.2-rc1
20 months ago ghc-7.10.1-release Version 7.10.1 (Release)
10 hours ago master
8 days ago ghc-8.0
9 days ago wip/T12819
2 weeks ago wip/spj-tc-branch3
3 weeks ago wip/hasfield
3 weeks ago wip/T3384
6 weeks ago ghc-7.10
6 weeks ago wip/ghc-7.10-with-timings
7 weeks ago wip/T12618
7 weeks ago wip/erikd/rts
8 weeks ago wip/names3
2 months ago wip/spj-tc-branch2
2 months ago wip/T12626
2 months ago wip/T12144
2 months ago wip/spj-temp
2 months ago wip/ttypeable