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last changeFri, 19 Oct 2018 09:43:30 +0000 (17:43 +0800)
43 hours ago  Ningning XieAdding almost devoid check for covar in ForAllCo master
3 days ago  Zejun WuFix T15729 in master
3 days ago  Ben Gamaritestsuite: Fix non-canonical Monoid instance in T3001-2
3 days ago  Richard EisenbergFix #15761 by adding parens
5 days ago  Ben Gamaribase: Fill in TBAs in changelog
5 days ago  Simon JakobiAdd a strict version of foldMap to Foldable
5 days ago  David EichmannUpdate integer_gmp_gcdext documentation.
5 days ago  Ömer Sinan... Fix BLACKHOLE inspection in RtClosureInspect
5 days ago  Zejun WuAllocate bss section within proper range of other sections
5 days ago  Zejun WuAdd a RTS option -xp to load PIC object anywhere in...
5 days ago  Vladislav ZavialovEnable -Wcompat=error in the testsuite
5 days ago  Peter Trommlerghc-heap: Fix writing closures on big endian
5 days ago  Zejun WuGenerate correct relocation for external cost centre
5 days ago  Ryan ScottFix #15738 by defining (and using) parenthesizeHsContext
5 days ago  Ömer Sinan... Fix cardinality change of fields in addDataConStrictness
5 days ago  Ryan ScottFix #12430 by expanding type synonyms in injTyVarsOfType
4 weeks ago ghc-8.6.1-release Release 8.6.1
2 months ago ghc-8.6.1-beta1
3 months ago ghc-8.6.1-alpha2
3 months ago ghc-8.6.1-alpha1
4 months ago ghc-8.4.3-release Release 8.4.3
6 months ago ghc-8.4.2-release Release 8.4.2
6 months ago ghc-8.4.2-rc1
7 months ago ghc-8.4.1-release Release 8.4.1
7 months ago ghc-8.5-start Start of GHC 8.5 development branch
7 months ago ghc-8.4.1-rc1
8 months ago ghc-8.4.1-alpha3
9 months ago ghc-8.4.1-alpha2
10 months ago ghc-8.4.1-alpha1
10 months ago ghc-8.2.2-release Release 8.2.2
11 months ago ghc-8.2.2-rc3
11 months ago ghc-8.2.2-rc2
40 hours ago wip/T15696
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3 days ago ghc-8.6
6 days ago ghc-8.4
8 days ago wip/T14880-2-step2-c123
4 weeks ago wip/T14880-2-step3
5 weeks ago wip/T14880-2-step2
5 weeks ago wip/T14880-2-step1
5 weeks ago wip/T14880-2
6 weeks ago wip/T15578
6 weeks ago wip/T14880-reengineered
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