2008-07-12  Roman Leshchinskiy{take|drop}WhileSlice
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiySearch functions
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiySlice functions
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyMore Haddock comments
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyHaddock comments
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyRename classes and modules
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyVector combinators
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyStream combinators
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyNew combinators
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyReplace type families by GADTs for associating a monad...
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyCouple of combinators
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyGeneric Vector framework
2008-07-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMore flexible size hints
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyUse new Stream functions
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyStream.bound and Stream.unfold
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyBoxed Vectors
2008-07-06  Roman Leshchinskiy(++) for Stream and Vector.Unboxed
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyUnbox instances for Float and Double
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyUnboxed.foldl'
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyInclude phases.h
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyDepend on ghc-prim
2008-07-05  Roman LeshchinskiySplit Unboxed.Unbox and rename stuff
2008-07-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Cabal stuff
2008-07-05  Roman LeshchinskiyInitial revision