Massive overhaul to testsuite structure
[darcs-mirrors/vector.git] / vector.cabal
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeAdd a flag for enabling assertions in vector
2009-02-07  Max BolingbrokeAdd optimization options to Cabal file and note about...
2008-09-21  Roman LeshchinskiyMove definition of Step to Stream.Monadic
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyBump version
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyFusion.MStream -> Fusion.Stream.Monadic
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyMove Stream.Step to a separate module
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiySeparate subdir for fusion-related stuff
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyMVector.Mut -> MVector.New
2008-08-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMonadic streams
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd package information 0_1
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyRequire ghc >= 6.9
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyDeclarative combinators for manipulating MVectors with...
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyRename classes and modules
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyGeneric Vector framework
2008-07-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMore flexible size hints
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyBoxed Vectors
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyDepend on ghc-prim
2008-07-05  Roman LeshchinskiySplit Unboxed.Unbox and rename stuff
2008-07-05  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Cabal stuff