Massive overhaul to testsuite structure
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2009-02-09  Max BolingbrokeFix bug in MVector.reverse
2009-09-03  Roman LeshchinskiyResolve conflicts
2009-02-09  Max BolingbrokeImplement reverse and it's test
2009-02-09  Max BolingbrokeIncrease strictness of enumFromTo and friends, and...
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeEnsure that drop and take don't segfault on negative...
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeShow instances for boxed and unboxed immutable vectors
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeImplement enumFromThenTo
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeAdd missing INLINE pragmas for safety
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeAdd the dreaded concatMap
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeImplementation of and and or that can bail out early
2009-02-07  Max BolingbrokeAdd some more standard functions for IVectors
2009-02-07  Max BolingbrokeChange name of unfold to unfoldr and export an implemen...
2008-10-17  Roman LeshchinskiyError checking in Stream.{init|tail}
2008-10-17  Roman LeshchinskiyFix Stream.!!
2008-10-16  Roman LeshchinskiyExport non-overloaded versions of IVector operations...
2008-10-16  Roman Leshchinskiybpermute -> backpermute
2008-10-16  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd IVector.null
2008-10-08  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd instance Unbox Word
2008-10-07  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd accum
2008-10-03  Roman LeshchinskiyNuke {take|drop}WhileSlice for now
2008-10-03  Roman Leshchinskiyslice/unstream [New] and friends
2008-10-03  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd transform/unstream [New] rule
2008-10-03  Roman LeshchinskiyMake slicing work with the in-place stuff
2008-09-21  Roman LeshchinskiyMore comments
2008-09-21  Roman LeshchinskiyMore comments
2008-09-21  Roman LeshchinskiyMove definition of Step to Stream.Monadic
2008-09-21  Roman LeshchinskiyFix more haddocks
2008-09-21  Roman LeshchinskiyFix haddocks
2008-09-21  Roman LeshchinskiyRewrite Stream.drop
2008-09-17  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd comment
2008-09-17  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd comment
2008-09-17  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove unnecessary RULES
2008-09-17  Roman LeshchinskiyDon't INLINE {take|drop}WhileSlice too early
2008-09-17  Roman LeshchinskiyFix typo
2008-09-15  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd prescans
2008-09-15  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd the uninplace rule
2008-09-15  Roman LeshchinskiySimplify IVector.inplace
2008-09-15  Roman LeshchinskiyNew.inplace -> New.transform
2008-09-15  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove unused code
2008-09-15  Roman LeshchinskiyRefactoring
2008-09-15  Roman LeshchinskiyBase Stream on Monadic.Stream
2008-09-11  Roman LeshchinskiyMake New a newtype
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyFusion.MStream -> Fusion.Stream.Monadic
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyUse Stream.Step
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyMove Stream.Step to a separate module
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyMore MStream combinators
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiySeparate subdir for fusion-related stuff
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyMVector.Mut -> MVector.New
2008-08-08  Roman LeshchinskiyMut.trans -> Mut.modify
2008-08-08  Roman
2008-08-07  Roman Leshchinskiyupdate, bpermute
2008-08-07  Roman LeshchinskiyNew inplace fusion
2008-08-07  Roman Leshchinskiyrestream -> inplace
2008-08-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMonadic streams
2008-08-07  Roman LeshchinskiyImplement Mut.restream
2008-08-07  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd mstream, munstream
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyEq and Ord instances
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyEq and Ord instances for Stream
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyMVector.clear
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyWhitespace only
2008-07-12  Roman Leshchinskiyreverse (mutable only)
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyFusion rules for in-place map
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyAdapt fusion rules
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyChange stream/unstream rule
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyFusible (//)
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyDeclarative combinators for manipulating MVectors with...
2008-07-12  Roman Leshchinskiynew -> vnew
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove unneeded code
2008-07-12  Roman Leshchinskiycreate -> new
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyChange handling of Monad in MVector and get rid of...
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyFusible slicing
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyFusilbe indexing
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyFusible length
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyRename rule
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyIndexing
2008-07-12  Roman Leshchinskiy{take|drop}WhileSlice
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiySearch functions
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiySlice functions
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyMore Haddock comments
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyHaddock comments
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyRename classes and modules
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyVector combinators
2008-07-12  Roman LeshchinskiyStream combinators
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyNew combinators
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyReplace type families by GADTs for associating a monad...
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyCouple of combinators
2008-07-11  Roman LeshchinskiyGeneric Vector framework
2008-07-07  Roman LeshchinskiyMore flexible size hints
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyUse new Stream functions
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyStream.bound and Stream.unfold
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyBoxed Vectors
2008-07-06  Roman Leshchinskiy(++) for Stream and Vector.Unboxed
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyUnbox instances for Float and Double
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyUnboxed.foldl'
2008-07-06  Roman LeshchinskiyInclude phases.h
2008-07-05  Roman LeshchinskiySplit Unboxed.Unbox and rename stuff
2008-07-05  Roman LeshchinskiyInitial revision