Add partition
[darcs-mirrors/vector.git] / tests / Tests / Vector.hs
2009-12-11  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd partition
2009-12-11  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd foldr', foldr1', ifoldr'
2009-12-10  Roman LeshchinskiyTest more D.V.Unboxed variants
2009-12-10  Roman LeshchinskiyRearrange tests somewhat
2009-12-10  Roman LeshchinskiyD.V.Unboxed tests
2009-12-10  Roman LeshchinskiyTests of minIndex and maxIndex
2009-12-10  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd lots of tests for new functions
2009-12-10  Roman LeshchinskiyAdapt to new vector interface
2009-11-18  Roman LeshchinskiyTests for D.V.Storable
2009-11-18  Roman LeshchinskiyRun Stream tests