Set versions to and require this vector version in tests and benchmarks
[darcs-mirrors/vector.git] / tests / vector-tests.cabal
2010-04-27  Roman LeshchinskiySet versions to and require this vector version...
2010-04-22  Roman LeshchinskiyBump version and require vector 0.6
2010-02-15  Roman LeshchinskiyFix dependency on base 0_5
2009-12-10  Roman LeshchinskiyBump version and fix author/copyright
2009-11-18  Roman LeshchinskiyReformat properties
2009-11-18  Roman LeshchinskiyNicer properties and QuickCheck2
2009-11-18  Roman LeshchinskiyNicer properties
2009-02-09  Max BolingbrokeMassive overhaul to testsuite structure
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeBig refactoring to testsuite, test more properties
2009-02-08  Max BolingbrokeInitial testsuite