Adapt tests to new names and modules
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2012-10-04  Roman LeshchinskiyFinish Stream -> Bundle renaming
2012-10-03  Roman LeshchinskiyRename Facets to Bundle
2012-09-28  Roman LeshchinskiyWork around bug in ghc-7.6.1
2012-09-28  Roman LeshchinskiyResolve conflict
2012-01-31  Roman LeshchinskiyliftStream -> lift
2012-01-31  Roman LeshchinskiyINLINE_STREAM -> INLINE_FUSED
2012-01-31  Roman LeshchinskiyfromVectorStream -> concatVectors
2012-01-31  Roman LeshchinskiyRename Stream -> Facets
2012-09-27  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove Safe Haskell support
2012-01-29  Roman LeshchinskiyMove eq and cmp to monadic streams
2012-01-29  Roman LeshchinskiyComment out the NFData instance for mutable boxed vecto...
2012-01-07  Bas van DijkAdded NFData instances for all vectors
2012-01-29  Roman LeshchinskiyImprove length and null
2012-01-29  Roman LeshchinskiyUse new Stream in length and null
2012-01-29  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Maybe (v a) to Stream representations
2012-01-29  Roman LeshchinskiyWhitespace
2012-01-29  Roman LeshchinskiyFaster concatMap
2012-01-28  Roman LeshchinskiyDelete dead code
2012-01-28  Roman LeshchinskiySwitch to record syntax for streams
2012-01-27  Roman LeshchinskiyImprove basicSet for primitive vectors
2012-01-27  Roman LeshchinskiyImprove basicSet for Storable vectors
2012-01-25  Roman LeshchinskiyFix docs
2012-01-24  Roman LeshchinskiyHave streams carry chunk initialisers rather than vectors
2012-01-08  Roman LeshchinskiyReimplement concat
2012-01-07  Roman LeshchinskiyAllow streams to produce entire vectors as well as...
2012-01-07  Roman LeshchinskiyUse SPEC in stream comparisons
2012-01-07  Roman LeshchinskiyExport SPEC
2012-01-07  Roman LeshchinskiyStrictness fix
2011-12-31  Roman LeshchinskiyDocumentation
2011-12-29  Roman LeshchinskiyImprove unfoldings
2011-12-29  Roman LeshchinskiySimplify error handling code
2011-12-29  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove dead code
2011-11-27  Roman LeshchinskiyManually worker/wrapper error functions (fixes #66)
2011-09-30  Bas van DijkAdded RULES that translates "unsafeFromForeignPtr fp...
2011-09-30  Bas van DijkAdd unsafeFromForeignPtr0 and unsafeToForeignPtr0 to...
2011-09-30  Bas van DijkAdd unsafeFromForeignPtr0 and unsafeToForeignPtr0 to...
2011-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd construct and constructN to Safe modules
2011-08-30  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd MonadPlus instance
2011-08-28  Roman LeshchinskiyFollow changes in primitive
2011-08-28  Roman LeshchinskiyExport mstream and mstreamR
2011-08-26  Roman LeshchinskiyImprove comments
2011-08-26  Roman LeshchinskiyChange comments in Safe modules
2011-08-26  Roman LeshchinskiyUse mkTyCon3 if available
2011-08-26  Roman LeshchinskiyFollow containers convention in Show instances and...
2011-08-23  Roman LeshchinskiySlightly faster version of concatMap
2011-08-23  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd a seq
2011-08-19  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd constructN and constructrN
2011-08-19  Roman LeshchinskiySignificantly improve basicSet (based on a patch by...
2011-08-19  Roman LeshchinskiyMake thaw and unsafeThaw fusible
2011-08-19  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd New.runPrim
2011-08-19  Roman LeshchinskiyFix Safe Haskell modules on 7.2.1
2011-08-18  Roman LeshchinskiyFuse reverse
2011-08-18  Roman LeshchinskiyFix fixity of (!!) and (!)
2011-08-18  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd (!?) for streams and make vector (!?) fusible
2011-08-18  Roman LeshchinskiyUse the Addr# field in ForeignPtr for Storable vectors
2011-08-17  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove deprecated functions
2011-08-17  Roman LeshchinskiyUse new array copying primitives
2011-08-17  Roman LeshchinskiyRequire primitive 0.4 and replace deprecated primitives
2011-08-12  Roman LeshchinskiyExpose Safe Haskell modules
2011-08-12  David TereiUse Safe Haskell if GHC >= 7.2
2011-06-25  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd instances for Monad, Applicative, Alternative,...
2011-06-23  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Functor instance for boxed vectors
2011-06-17  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd unsafeCast for Storable vectors (based on a patch...
2011-05-31  Roman LeshchinskiyRename iterate -> iterateN
2011-01-04  Khudyakov AlexeyAdd iterate function
2011-05-16  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd generateM
2011-05-16  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd sequence and sequence_
2011-05-16  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd foldM_ and variants
2011-05-16  Roman LeshchinskiyFix doc typo
2011-05-16  Roman LeshchinskiyReimplement specialisation of monadic functions
2011-05-14  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd replicatePrimM and specialise replicateM
2011-05-14  Roman LeshchinskiyUse delayed_min in Unboxed tuple instances
2011-05-14  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd delayed_min
2011-05-11  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove unnecessary inplace
2011-03-10  Khudyakov AlexeyAdd 'indexed' function
2011-04-15  wasserman.louisAdd move to mutable vectors
2011-04-18  Bas van DijkUse more efficient mallocPlainForeignPtrBytes when...
2011-05-11  Roman LeshchinskiyAdded splitAt functions (contributed by Bas van Dijk)
2011-04-13  Bas van DijkFix mkNoreptype deprecation warning
2011-04-13  Bas van DijkFix grammar in documentation
2010-11-04  Roman LeshchinskiyDon't use package ghc
2010-09-20  Roman LeshchinskiyWork around GHC bug 4310
2010-08-21  Roman LeshchinskiyFix bad bug in ptrToOffset
2010-07-27  Khudyakov AlexeyAdd function for safe indexing
2010-06-15  Roman LeshchinskiyEta-expand create to work around GHC bug 4120
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd freeze
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Mutable.clone
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyFix comments
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd unsafeThaw
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd basicUnsafeThaw
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyComment
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyRename unsafeFreeze to basicUnsafeFreeze and add unsafe...
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyDon't actually inspect SPEC, just seq on it
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyAvoid last LiberateCase in D.V.Generic
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyMore bangs to avoid LiberateCase
2010-05-24  Roman LeshchinskiyBe explicitly strict in vector lengths more often to...
2010-05-23  Roman LeshchinskiyMake strict in the length of the...
2010-05-23  Roman LeshchinskiyMake enumFromTo* strict in the bounds
2010-05-18  Roman LeshchinskiyRemove thawMany
2010-05-18  Roman LeshchinskiyAdd Stream.flatten and use it to implement concat