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Project Description Owner Last Change
ghc.git GHC main repository GHC HQ 6 hours ago
packages/vector.git github.com/haskell 33 hours ago
packages/filepath.git github.com/haskell 34 hours ago
packages/unix.git github.com/haskell 41 hours ago
packages/stm.git github.com/haskell 41 hours ago
packages/primitive.git github.com/haskell 41 hours ago
packages/mtl.git github.com/haskell 41 hours ago
hsc2hs.git github.com/haskell 41 hours ago
packages/process.git github.com/haskell 2 days ago
packages/Win32.git github.com/haskell 3 days ago
packages/Cabal.git github.com/haskell 5 days ago
packages/containers.git github.com/haskell 8 days ago
haddock.git Haskell Documentation Tool github.com/haskell 2 weeks ago
nofib.git GHC benchmarks GHC HQ 2 weeks ago
darcs-mirrors/transformers.git mirror of http://code.haskell... darcs2git mirror 2 weeks ago
packages/binary.git GHC HQ (upstream) 3 weeks ago
packages/bytestring.git github.com/haskell 4 weeks ago
packages/text.git github.com/haskell 4 weeks ago
packages/array.git GHC HQ 4 weeks ago
packages/parallel.git github.com/haskell 5 weeks ago
packages/haskeline.git GHC HQ (upstream) 7 weeks ago
packages/directory.git github.com/haskell 8 weeks ago
packages/hoopl.git github.com/haskell 2 months ago
packages/deepseq.git github.com/haskell 2 months ago
packages/parsec.git github.com/haskell 4 months ago
hadrian.git Hadrian build system GHC HQ (upstream) 4 months ago
packages/time.git github.com/haskell 4 months ago
packages/hpc.git GHC HQ 4 months ago
packages/terminfo.git GHC HQ (upstream) 4 months ago
packages/transformers.git GHC HQ (upstream) 7 months ago
haskell-report.git Haskell Language Report github.com/haskell 8 months ago
packages/xhtml.git github.com/haskell 9 months ago
packages/random.git github.com/haskell 9 months ago
packages/old-time.git github.com/haskell 9 months ago
packages/pretty.git github.com/haskell 10 months ago
arcanist-external-json-linter.git Copy of https://github.com... GHC HQ 13 months ago
libffi-tarballs.git GHC HQ 14 months ago
packages/old-locale.git github.com/haskell 18 months ago
libffi.git GHC's mirror of libffi GHC HQ (upstream) 19 months ago
gmp-tarballs.git GMP tarballs for integer-gmp GHC HQ 22 months ago
packages/dph.git GHC HQ 2 years ago
git-sandbox.git Git testing sandbox nobody 3 years ago
packages/haskell2010.git GHC HQ 3 years ago
packages/base.git GHC base library (now merged... GHC HQ (obsolete) 3 years ago
packages/haskell98.git GHC HQ 4 years ago
darcs-mirrors/time.git (obsolete mirror) darcs2git mirror 4 years ago
packages/integer-gmp.git GHC HQ (obsolete) 4 years ago
packages/ghc-prim.git GHC HQ (obsolete) 4 years ago
packages/template-haskell.git GHC HQ (obsolete) 4 years ago
testsuite.git GHC testsuite GHC HQ (obsolete) 4 years ago
packages/integer-simple.git GHC HQ (obsolete) 4 years ago
darcs-mirrors/haskeline.git (obsolete mirror) darcs2git mirror 5 years ago
ghc-tarballs.git GHC HQ 5 years ago
darcs-mirrors/terminfo.git (obsolete mirror) darcs2git mirror 5 years ago
darcs-mirrors/vector.git (obsolete mirror) darcs2git mirror 6 years ago
darcs-mirrors/primitive.git (obsolete mirror) darcs2git mirror 6 years ago
packages/utf8-string.git GHC HQ (obsolete) 6 years ago
packages/cabal-1.14.git GHC HQ (obsolete) 7 years ago
packages/extensible-exceptions.git GHC HQ (obsolete) 7 years ago